Strange thing in the LPU store


Was just sticking around the store when I noticed this device. Anybody knows it’s purpose?


I think it’s some kind of music streaming thing but I’m not sure.


Seems to be some content sharing thing. It has an app but for some reason you need that box thing which is stupid.


It was part of the LPU 13 package, more info here:

(It was cool for a while, but they never developed it even further and stopped using it within 6 months)


The cartridge is still rather impractical. I think it’s there just so the band can make more money. What was wrong with a paid app?


Thank you:)


Thank you;)


You actually only used the plug air thingie once, it saved your data and didn’t have to plug it in again. You basically just had access to a somewhat LPU app, it had a few extra videos (that were later uploaded to the site), news and stuff like that. It wasn’t a success, a LOT of people had trouble with it from the very beginning too.