Recently I heard that it does not look like someone who listens to LP. [surprised]
I wonder what to look for this kind of music to listen to?[surprised]


What doesn’t look like someone who listens to LP? (or who?)


Not sure what you mean…can you rephrase it?


I think that people are looking for someone based on appearance and form their opinion of him. Actually, I do not know why? Maybe this is related to the fact that my friends listen to different music, and sometimes tend to have other interests. It seems to me that it’s even better because it is not boring when we are together.

sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:


Rephrase, rephrase…


I think she means following:
If you’re listening to …let’s say …rock music then you’re supposed to wear a leather jacket and all … most people got a strictly defined picture in their heads of what other people look like when they’re listening to a special kinda music…