Street Team/Fan Club/Community for a new band


Hey, folks!

I’m a musician and I have a band. We’re going to release a new album this year, so I’m trying to attract some people to listen to our music. I think a lot about an idea of making some kind of community, where we can have a contact with the audience. In 90’s that thing with a street team worked out fine (as we know from LP expirience). Now we have whole bunch of services on the Internet, such as Facebook, Soundcloud, etc. But is this the best we can do? I mean - just to share some tracks and wait for response?

I live in a small town, where people are not interested in music much. So, as I think, the Internet is our only hope to be heard for now. What do you think, guys? Which way of sharing music is the best for a new band?

You can listen to our music here:
Also, I will share some news about our progress here:


Just listened to everything. Great stuff. The LP multi song mashup thing is still my fav.


Thanks! There’ll be more stuff like that later :wink: What do you think about the topic?


Good topic, it should attract people over time.


hey me I found this topic this morning, and I loved to read it, I think you have to go out on all social medias and the time as factor is working for you @soaring_man, if the music is going to become force [aka audience is getting bigger, fanbase start to grow… and concerts are gonna be played, try to get ya friends as “Street team” as multiplicators, mb free cd`sor sm merchandising stuff like stickers, that would be my further action, if I were in the glorious position to be talented and to “make music”…GOOD LUCK you´re music is :ok_hand: excellent


I’m not sure if you should be on every kind of social media. I’ve read somewhere that it’s best to start off with instagram for example because using appropriate hashtags in your posts makes it easier for people to find what they are interested in .For example it’s really hard to find new artists on YouTube. So when you start doing for example instagram you should let people know where they can find your music.
The most important thing is consistency, you should let people know that you hit the studio or you’re on a rehearsal, that keeps people interested :slight_smile:


I’m currently listening to your Catharsis playlist and I gotta say, it sounds really good!


Good point! We gonna try to do something like this) The problem is none of our band can afford to be a full-time musician so far. I mean, we have to work somewhere else to be able to live a normal life. I started to compose almost 10 years ago as a hobby, but now I’m very serious about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to make music or to have rehersals/shows, so I’m worried about our future. And I’m looking for some ways to develop what we do.


What kind of things of musician’s life do you find the most interesting? We can make some videos from rehersals, for exaple. Would it be helpful to find new audience?


Thanks, man! Our new album will be much better than “Catharsis”, I promise. Stay tuned :wink:


How, not having social media accounts but Instagram, is going to help at all? I mean, you gotta stay in touch with your fans in a way. And considering how “popular” Facebook is, it’d be the first place I’d go. You can always find which site fits best for your band as time goes but, gotta try everything at first.

I wouldn’t worry about shows at this point, since I understand you guys are still at the very early stages. Make sure to spread the word as much as you can about your upcoming releases and gain fans.


The most interesting is of course music related stuff. You don’t have to show people your life in general, just focus on music. You might show people what kind of instruments you’re using etc.
It won’t be easy in the beginning but good luck :slight_smile: you’re making really good music and people should appreciate that


Sorry I mentioned only instagram. I was trying to say I’d use instagram to gain people’s interest and relocate them to YouTube or any other social media


I agree with that. It’ll be several releases this year, so I think it’s a good chance to try something new :slight_smile:


It’s possible to link some social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter together and have them auto-post between each other to save time.