Strobe Presale? What now?


Hello @MutantKid and @jessagosto, I’m coming to you gals because I know you’re further out, if you do make it to la it would obviously be awesome but if it isn’t possible would either of you help me with the group 1 presaleaccess code? I have mine but I do need another ticket and am trying to figure out how to get them together since it’s my two young siblings
They’d kill me if I didn’t take them with me haha
I’m 95% sure @tenkaichi is going right? Unless you’re still fuming at them :sleepy:


I am going! See you there darling :grin: can’t wait. Good luck with tickets, I’m sure someone isn’t using a code you can have. Keep asking around.


AWESOME! :grin: see you there this time!
I’ll figure something out haha


Yeah I’m going. Still need a code? I have an extra. Text me and I’ll send it if you need it. Also, @MutantKid, you’re flying all the way from Ohio to see Linkin Park play a couple songs? (without Chester)

LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl

WRONG my friend…alternative facts there…she’s flying allll the way from Tennesseeeeeee to be at a memorial of sorts just like we spoke about months ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thank you but I think…I might be set with what I was able to get
I have to call Ticketmaster to try to fix it up a bit but still would go even if it was now, thank you though maybe someone else can use it?


Um. Yeah? Lol this is my favorite band honoring my favorite singer, I don’t see the issue with going out to Los Angeles from here.


Damn I wish I had money like you when I was your age.


Don’t mind marco there, he’s been under much stress what with the flower arrangements and the cake and first dance choreo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I better be working by the time I start thinking about that stuff or I’m screwed. Too much stress as it is.