Stupid presale problem

now it’s not even letting me login to account, i tried log out and log in. What the hell


me too. According to facebook we’re two of many many people experiencing the issue…


I have the same problem. I was spot 2 in line now it says I have no entry. No one has been helpful or responded to me.


you what is F. Top?
my friend already bought his tickets with spot 1620?
and I am not!!! and you not!!!


The link for Houston presale takes us nowhere. Can’t enter a code anywhere…


Our presale code is supposed to allow us to purchase up to four (4) tickets. Why am I only able to purchase two (2)? I need to take my whole family…


because it’s stupid ^:)!!!


i just called AXS and they said they don’t handle the presale for these tickets LOL. someone isn’t telling them what is going on.


I’ve been clicking on find ticket in ticketmaster, it’s just keep saying “Sorry, there was an error with search.
Try again later.”…what should I do :sob:


try different browser


Me too… I’ll be taking my son. My husband is okay with it.


Here’s the summary. Being in LPU didn’t matter, being in Group one didn’t matter, buying albums didn’t matter.

We were ripped off. All codes worked at noon, except for Houston who has a different presale date that was never told to anyone till after the fact. You could use the code for any city. You could use it for multiple cities. We were lied to and scammed.


is there admin or lpu stff i can email about this? strobelabs sucks


I tried safari, chrome…still not working T^T