Subscribing LPU13


I am just wanting to know if there are others that are experiencing the same problem as I am and can’t successfully place an order for LPU13? I’ve been trying everyday for a while now and nothing. It’s been over a week and haven’t gotten any reply from Support. I am in Canada and the error messages used to say something about a problem with shipping but now when I click place order it gives me a, There was an unexpected issue and your order couldn’t be processed…Error Code 11. Anything I can do on my end?

I’m confident it will be resolved, I guess I’m just anxious. People are going to be receiving there’s and I’m stuck at the order screen. :frowning:


I had similar issues. Make sure all your city/state/etc are spelled correctly and the first letter is capitalized.

I didn’t capitalize the “L” is Louisville and it gave me errors.

Hope this helps, keep up posted.