Suggestion (Preview option)


I think it’d be great if we could have the “preview” option that most forums have when replying in a thread or adding a new topic.
Hopefully it can be added at some point cuz I think it’s very useful.

And I know that it’s mainly for security reasons, but having to enter a code every time we post is a bit too much, IMO :confused:


I haven’t had to enter a code every time I post… do you mean like a captcha code or something? I haven’t noticed that at all.


Totally agree! It’s sort of the lesser of two evils though…it’s def annoying, but the on the flip side, when there’s no CAPTCHA, it’s open to tons of SPAM. but we’re always working to find better solutions. Thank you for using our site and offering feedback though, we are always working to make the experience better!


I thought you had to be an LPU member here to post to begin with. The old LPUMB never had any issue with spam because the paywall was a good enough blocker.

If not that, at least make it so that the capcha goes away after a certain number of lifetime points. A person only has to prove their account in the beginning.


captcha for posting? how come I never had to deal with one ever till now here?


I’m hoping I’m not cheating the system somehow because I still don’t have to use a captcha in order to post. TIME TO START SPAMMING!


LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

So far it looks like the CAPTCHA is only used for new topics, and not for reply posts.
I agree it is quite annoying, especially when you edit your own post and have to enter the CAPTCHA again.

Kathy: Yes, you do have to be an LPU or Ground(ctrl) support member to access this MB, however, spambots have come a long way since LPU8 [razz] so even with our exclusive access, the code is still a necessary evil… though I agree, maybe not having to enter for every new topic you do/edit [especially for us mods [wink] ]