Suicidal lyrics


A lot of people associate chesters suicide with the bands lyrics but many were written by Mike with Chester not always contributing. …I wonder if in hindsight these type of songs didn’t help him move on


Because I predict it will become really ugly, could you explain better your thought???


Actually, writing and singing these songs helped Chester very much.


I guess that you are talking about the meaning of each one, and that they -the lyrics- seem a suicide letter. Or am I wrong?


I truly think that some of the songs did help hem with some of the stuff he was going though . But the song was written by mike and chester and everone in the band. Mike start the song one more light because some one passed away that they know . And maybe some of the songs help hem . But they knew that he took chris death the hardest and evern if he was dealing with it. It was something else that made his demons take hem.


I agree…if you watch the " meteora making of" Chester and Mike cowrote the lyrics and gave them to the rest of the band to review them


Certain ones like remember me when I’m gone and stuff like that. …I. wonder whether stuff like this didn’t really help him after all…


Maybe it was their way to fight their demons…


For me is hard be sure. Because there lines and verses in all their discography talking about this thing. Remember that they write songs where one can connect with that song. So I can’t be sure, but maybe Chester hide a part of his life in their songs. I do the same in my work.


Wasn’t heavy and nobody can save me now not written at all by Chester yet it sounds like it was written for him ?


Heavy is cowritten by Chester… I am not sure about nobody can save me… And they said that the whole album was personal to all of them… So it might not be for him :slight_smile:


According the lyrics book only Heavy and Halfway Right were written for Chester. He participated in the others, but I am not sure.