Sum 41 or Green Day?


Do you prefer Sum 41 or Green Day? And why?

I prefer Sum 41 [smile][wink] I dont know why, but I like their music more[smile][wink]


Definitely Sum 41


Sum 41… I just like their music a lot more than Green Day’s


Green Day. I prefer their style and I find their lyrics more interesting.[biggrin]


Green Day. They are a lot better. For me


Between the 2 {artists and band}, Greenday hands down!


Sum41… I liked green day back in the day. Just couldn’t get in to their more recent albums.


Sum41 is much better


Don’t kill me but I don’t know Sum 41… Maybe cuz it/he/they aren’t popular in Germany. But green day sucks to me too much! Their music doesn’t changes and their songs are kind of boring to me.


Although I only like a handful of their new songs, I prefer Green Day. The energy they put into their live shows is amazing as well.


I don’t know that much from either of them but I know more songs of greenday than sum 41… and I like the color green


well,for me of course it’s GREEN DAY!!!because they’re just the best band ever!!!they’re the only band who can do what they do!!!so i’m sory to tell it like that but they’re definitely the only band who can be better than Linkin Park(because if GREEN DAY is the 1rst,Linkin Park is the 2nd best band ever!!!).


I prefer Green Day.
And Billie Joe’s voice.


I prefer Green Day.
And Billie Joe’s voice.


I prefer Green Day (.)/


NO ONE GET MAD AT ME!!! I prefer Sum 41 :slight_smile: I love their music.


To be honest i can’t really decide wether Green Day or Sum 41 is better. I just like both of them :slight_smile:


Green Day :slight_smile: