Summer Sonic 2018


Who is going to try and go to this festival to support Mike? I’m planning my trip now!
From what I can tell, we have until Feb. 11th, 2018 to by tickets… So, I’m trying to get it all done ASAP!

Have anybody want to go to Summer Sonic 2018?!

This is the first time I have ever genuinely considered trying to travel for a concert. I haven’t even been overseas in years, I live in New Zealand!

Why do we only have that long to buy tickets?


Guys really? I thought I am crazy as I got aware of this lil voice inside of my head- that keeps constantly repeating: it will be awesome :dizzy: - and I am glad to see I am not the only one- it’s absolutely crazy but yeah- I consider it too :tada:-


I’d love to go there, too! At the moment I’m figuring out how to get tickets… which is not that easy! I mean… it’s all Japanese on their website!:see_no_evil: Where did you get the information about 02-11? That would be by the end of the week​:astonished:
But I’m glad I’m not the only crazy nut on this planet planning to go there😆


I would love go to support mike with everything. I just have found a way to get things done to get the tickets and go down there .


Wouldn’t it be great to show Mike support! I so would love to go to Japan… But how?


Anypne bought tickets for the summersonic


One of my favourite live songs was recorded there: