Summit Europe 2015


Hey, what about the summit Europe this year… What do u think?

Where? When? How? Why?!?! (LOL)


At this point, a Summit in China seems more likely to happen to me.


Or Germany again.

It will probably be somewhere in the EU where the album has gone platinum (only in Germany - I’m just presuming here), or China


It was said that they’ll announce a summit show in EU, but nothing happened. It’s too late for announcement right now. Probably something failed during negotiations.


Oh? ok, then the show that has no m&g info up should be the one that the summit will take place.


Lucky bastards


I hope it comes to Europe again, cause then I ll have the possibility to take part, but if it will happen in china this year, I wish everybody, that they get cards for it…it must be tremendos amazing awfull


I sometimes imagine going to a summit and just see myself behaving like the socially awkward spazz I am in real life.

I would either:

  1. Stare at them the entire time without saying a word and maybe even begin to drool.
  2. Have difficulty speaking, muttering jibberish at them like I’m going psychotic

3) Come across as a hostile bitch and insult them unintentionally
(I’ve been told I can be quite a terrifying cynical bitch, while I thought I was being nice and funny)

And then I think; “Ah, maybe it’s best to just not go to a summit at all” :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey yo, I think NONE ofyour topics is right, I BELIEVE you´ll have the time of your life, and I promise. Ill meet you there for sure :v:


Awww, maybe you’re right :smile:



And nothing happened at China, about summit…
Nothing, probably, will happen at Europe… lol



LP will come to my city,Minsk, soon, but i will not go to the concert :frowning: but i’ll try to meet them on centre of city