Summit pass non transferable?


I’ve been reading people say that the passes are non transferrable. The only thing the pass itself says is that it can’t be sold if its illegal to be sold in the state you live. Which means it can be sold as long as it’s ok in the state, which also means , in this case, someone else would be using, not the original purchaser. If it wasn’t transferrable, it would just say re-sale prohibited, period.

How the hell is it non transferrable? And also, I called ground(ctlr) this afternoon, and the lady who answered said there’s no ID check, I just need the print out ticket for them to scan the QR code. I asked her 3 times the same question in different ways, and she assured me that I could get in with no problem.

She said the Will Call name is only if you wanna pick up the ticket at the venue. It is not for ID check and admission. Which in this case I don’t need, I have it printed out. I have my LPU lanyard, and am ready to go.

I feel like some people just say that to make others feel bad, like “I got mine, and you don’t, sorry”

I would love to hear what people from Chicago Summit and other summits have to say, though, Did they strictly check ID’s and such? PLEASE ANSWER.



For ground(ctrl) it says it can be transfered, but under the summit events page it says its not, do to the fact that your name is on it. Each person who wanted to go had to buy their individual ticket. Plus I dont think venue employees check your ticket, i believe it’s people who work woth LP.
Then again dont quote me on any of this. Hopefully someone who has gone to a summit can better answer this.


That sort of makes sense, but at the same time it doesn’t.
If you scroll down and look for “Support”, it redirects you to ground(ctrl).
There’s no direct LPU Support team that I know of, when you have an issue you must contact ground, which is what I did, by phone, and e-mail.

I got an e-mail reply, which states the name and picture ID is just for picking up at will call. Nothing else. And that all I need to be admitted is the printed out ticket for them to scan.

Now I have it in writing, so they better let me in :slight_smile:

But to be 10000000% sure, Previous Summit people, please manifest !!!


If you did not originally purchase the Summit pass yourself, I would strongly recommend that you confirm with someone on the LPU staff that you’ll be admitted before you attempt to attend. The tickets for the House of Blues show were similar to the Summit tickets: It was made abundantly clear during the purchase process that they were not transferrable, and they were listed as “Will Call” on all paperwork related to the show. But when it came to actually getting in the door, the staff used an iPhone app loaded with all the ticket holders’ names to check us in against our IDs. The customer service agents at ground(ctrl) likely have no idea that this event is any different from any of the more usual events (i.e., concerts) whose ticket sales they manage. I imagine you got the stock answer they give to anybody who asks how Will Call works, and I really wouldn’t count on anything you’ve got in writing from them carrying any weight if Summit day rolls around and your name isn’t on a list that it needs to be on. Sorry to be a downer, but considering the intimate access involved with this event, I suspect security will be pretty tight.


Maybe I am not seeing it but why are you worried about xfering your summit pass?


HI derek. I’m not sure what you mean by “xfering” (sorry, english is my second language)…

I am worried about not getting in. I’ve inboxed you , please help :frowning: