Summit question


Hello. I have a question about upcoming LPU Summit in Hong Kong.

My best friend lives there and she’s going to attend LP’s show on August 15 (she already has bought a ticket). She’s not LPUer and I thought, what if I will give her my summit pass (if I’ll be given) because I’m not 100% sure that I’ll be able to go to Hong Kong, my trip depends on my exam results.

So the question is: can I give my summit pass to another person? It would be great if it’s possible because it would be an awesome gift for her 20th birthday. I’m afraid I can’t afford to gift her LPU Plus Pass membership before June 1 because of my huge expenses on my graduation prom.

Thank you.


I highly doubt this is possible. The summits are exclusively for the LPU members and require identification at entrance i believe. Best thing you can do is ask Adam or someone else from HQ to give you more info on it and be 100% sure.


Evooba is correct. HQ checks your ID at the entrance. A few things you need to know before going forward. Do you have the $25 or $65 membership? The $65 membership includes a ticket to the summit & the $25 does not. If you have the $65 membership you would be able to put your friend’s name on the will call ticket when you place the order from what I remember when I attended a summit but she would still need to purchase the $25 membership to get a LPU laminate. If you only purchased the $25 membership the sadly the summit pass is NOT included.

Also, if you’re not sure you can afford the expenses to attend don’t reserve a pass. The summit is very limited as far as tickets go so as the event page states only reserve if you are sure you will be attending. They’ve done 9 summits in 2 1/2 years so they will have more opportunities to attend one one day.