Summit questions


I’m looking for some Summit details from anyone who has been. Do you know how many spots are typically available? If you get a Summit ticket, are you guaranteed to go back stage and meet the band and stuff or is a small group of people selected? How long before the show starts does the Summit usually start? Any more info about anyone’s experience would be great.


I would also like to know because I am attending the Darien show.


LPU Summit will last all day up until doors open for the show. You will meet the band and get an exclusive behind the scenes experience.

You can even come to the summit without a concert ticket, but you will need a concert ticket to stay for the show.


From my experience at the Summit in Camden a couple years back, we had a whole range of different options available to us.

Just as an example, we had opportunities at raffle items, bids on exclusive LP memorabilia, lunch was provided for us, we had our choice of either taking a backstage tour, or a tour of a couple of the crew buses.

Meet and greets are included with the Summit passes, and the band also did a Q&A session and performed a couple acoustic songs.

It was a good time, I can’t wait to go again.


Can’t wait to go! Making sure I’m on here tomorrow at 1pm


At the Summit Meet and Greet does the band just sit behind a table and sign items? Can u take pictures with the band or is it just a group photo?


At Camden and I think the other LPU Summits, LPU puts you in a line and you just stay there and the band members come to YOU (unlike regular M&G where you go to them and they sit behind the table). There is a group photo, there was a raffle to get individual pictures with the band too


On the Honda Civic Tour, rather than a traditional meet and greet, where they sat behind a table and everyone walked through, as stated above, the LP staff has everybody form a line around the wall of the venue, while each band member walks through.

In some of the LPTV footage from that tour, I also saw the guys using the traditional method, except they stood in one place instead of sitting behind a table.


I would like to know when to get there haha, I know it said in the morning- but what time in the morning? I can’t wait!


details will be e-mailed to you as August gets closer.


It would interest me, when Linkin Park makes another tour in Germany, if they will do a summit there too ? Like they did the last time in Hamburg ?