Summit south africa


I purchased the $25 package but I’d like to try for the summit pass. I’m unsure though if I have to pay the extra $50 beforehand or can I pay it when purchasing the summit pass on the day because I don’t want to unnecessarily pay in case I don’t get the pass. Can someone please help?


As long as you purchase it in time for the Summit release on 19 October 9AM


Oh btw, you need to purchase it so that you are allowed to try and get the Summit.


It seems as though you will purchase the summit pass the same way you are able to purchase a concert ticket. So at the time, one you click on it, you will have 20mins to pay once it is in your cart. Thats my assumption.


Thanks for the replies. Just got a tweet from Adam that you pay the extra fee when your summit is reserved!


I have already purchased the 25 LPU Laminate. What do you suggest I do, pay the $60 now with the chance of getting the SUMMIT PASS first thing Friday morning or rather pay the $50 for the SUMMIT PASS when I buy it? Personally I’d rather pay the $60, get the T-shirt etc and then get the pass but there is a chance that they will sell out before I get to purchase one and then I’ve basically paid $60 for nothing. What do you guys suggest I do??? Any advice please :slight_smile:


Prices are a bit steep so I think you have a good chance of getting your pass friday. I’d rather wait for friday though, and purchase the two together.


Passes will sell FAST!! The last few Summits, they’ve sold out almost instantaneously. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a pass. Make sure you keep refreshing the page right at 9am on friday!!!


God I hope I can scrap up enough cash for this.


Im so nervous!!!

How many passes are there? Does anyone know how big this Summit is going to be? How many people attended them in the past?


Does the summit mean that the meet and greet is not gonna happen or is there still a lucky draw for the meet and greet?


Hi Adam

Thank you for this!!

I think we are all anxious about this : ) And I hope To get one myself. Just a quick question how many passes are there?


Where will the passes be available? Ie, the page to refresh, will it be on the home page?


What do you mean purchase the two together? Quick question, when booking the summit-will it ask you whether you want to pay the $50 or $60 for the upgraded LPU pass if you currently only have the $25 one? I’m wondering whether I should pay for the $60 now or rather wait till Friday? Would just please like some clarification on how the whole thing works in terms of payment etc

THANKS GUYS!! :smiley: \m/


Bruv, I’m going to wait till Friday. I have the $25 pass, I’m not going to spend another $50 - $60 and not be guaranteed a spot. Make sure you have access to a good reliable internet connection and refresh like crazy @ 9AM.


In that case I expect at least three summits in Europe and five in the US.



It’s cool that there will be a Summit but it doesn’t make sense if you got tix for the Jozi concert.
Even if u want to attend the Summit, when the concert starts; the 1 with Jozi concert tix will have
to go home. Why are they not doing a Jo’burg Summit? It doesn’t make sense or is it one of those stereotypes where they think CT & Jo’burg are so close to each other ‘South Africans jus walk’???

If CT gets the Summit then Jozi must get the Meet & Greet.
You’d swear BigConcerts doesn’t have employees who are fans for the bands they bring this side!

See what I mean



The meet and greet and summits are not arranged by Big Concerts. Its arranged by Adam here at the LPU.

And you will notice thet LP has (for example) alot of shows in the UK but only had one Summit in London.

: )