Summit tickets anyone? :(


I didn’t know about the LPU summit in NJ, even though I get LP emails every single day and have them on my Facebook and I am a die hard fan probably for at least 10 years of my life. I love this band like nothing else, and I just spent my last $25 that was supposed to be for gas on the LPU membership hoping that I would be able to get LPU summit passes… Of course it sold out within 2 minutes though :confused: Basically I am here to ask anyone who may not be able to go to PLEASE contact me at or add me on Facebook Kirley Silva and I will buy the pass from you. I’m sure people won’t let their LPU passes go, but maybe someone has to give up going. If that’s the case, please message me, I will gladly pay what ever amount of money you ask for it. I love this band so much and I would do anything to at least shake their hand and tell them how much I appreciate their contribution to music and to enriching my life. If you read this far, thanks ! Hope I get a reply!