How often do the LPU summits happen?

And is generally announced the same time ticket sales for a concert in that city go on sale? Or is it after?

I would like to attend the next one but would defintley have to travel to go to one.



Generally speaking, there is one per tour. European tours had one and Asian, Australian and American had one too. South America and Africa won’t have one though. Unfortunately, the last tour had been announced before the Summit location was specified and I believe it was the same with previous tours. So you’d have to wait and hope that “your” city will be selected, or decide where you’ll go based on the location of the Summit.


They’ve tried to hold a Summit every tour (with a couple exceptions) since the first one in November 2010. The Summit’s history thus far:

1st Summit: November 10-11, 2010 - London, England, UK
2nd Summit: December 15, 2010 - Homebush, NSW, Australia
3rd Summit: January 26, 2011 - Chicago, Illinois, USA
4th Summit: June 21, 2011 - Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
5th Summit: September 10-11, 1011, Chiba, Japan
6th Summit: August 17, 2012 - Camden, New Jersey, USA

I think generally, Summits are announced after the tours are. Which is why I went to two shows this tour…


Great, thanks!

That kinda sucks - just hope you get picked for the summit and hope there are still tickets available in that city to see the show.

Well, cant wait until the next summit is announced.


Well, you have to be REALLY quick if you want a pass for a Summit. Usually the band will release a statement to the LPU stating where the Summit is taking place. Then, you need to go on the LPU and ‘‘buy’’ a pass right away, only around 200 people get chosen and they go within matter of seconds, literally. You do not have even 5 seconds to wait from when they go on sale. I was able to attend the one in Camden and it was pretty cool, although I think previous summits were better, with more stuff to do. The coolest part of the Camden summit was probably going to the hard rock cafe in Philly for free and getting to eat lunch and then go back and meet the band and stuff.