I’ve been trying since 12 and it’s still not letting me purchase tickets. What’s going on? o_O


Is anyone else having this same problem?


I’m having it as well. I posted about it in . Hopefully support can give some insight, I’m thinking it’s server related.


I been having the same problem but i was actually able to add two tickets but till now it still hasn’t allowed me to purchase. Agh!


yeah me too I haven been having problems getting the tickets. I have been trying since 12pm and its getting frustrating


Still having same problem… may give up soon cause I have to get back to work! lol!


Sasha, I gotta work as well but damn, it’s so hard to stop trying! I came so close by actually having two in my cart to then not being able to process the transaction. That blows! Even to post on here it’s taking foreverrrr.


Okay, it just worked for me! Got mine. (I think they rebooted the server, hence the quick “LPUNDERGROUND.COM is undergoing scheduled maintenence” :))


Ok Veronica, I blew off work and kept trying, too, and finally it went thru! Just now! Got two tickets. Yay! Hope you get them soon, too!


yea it works now guys, i sent a couple of tweets to adam and ground ctrl, so i like to think im the hero, but probably not! lol


Got my tix to see my fave band so now I gotta get back to work – can’t wait until August 3! [razz][razz]


Whohoo!!! Finally got mine!!! Thanks to LPLP123, you might be our hero! Ready to see my band for the 14th time! LOL


Yes! Many thanks to LPLP123 for paving the way to getting the link back in order.


Well, hope to see you all there! Can’t wait! I have my friend coming all the way from Texas for this show. Talk about a Fan!


Thanks LPLP123!! You rock bro =D




Fonzo or Mary??? lol


Since you paid to renew the membership, hell yeah! It’s all you baby.


lol no problem yall, so, basically the safest way to ensure being let into the special lpu section is to arrive 8 hours early right?


I don’t know why they just didn’t have certain number of tickets available for that section - at least to reduce show day anxiety lol