Support from Fullscreen Direct


A few days ago i contacted fullscreen direct in requests of financial assistance alongside the reactivation of previous lpunderground membership account to be linked to the current.

upon recieving response from stacy at this fullscreen direct she was not giving me the support i was requesting for i send a reply to their support and has unfortunately been marked as solved left unresponsive.

now i have to do some long hardtime thinking before putting in my $$$ to this fanclub. with this fullscreen direct sponsoring the lpu and the quality in customer support services i give it a thumbs-down and fullscreen direct is fired in my book.


What do you mean by “financial assistance”?

And like me and @derek both said on LPU 17 Membership, if the last time you were an LP Underground member was back in 2004, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done to bring that account back, not just for you, but anyone. No one has their same account prior to LPU 11.

Fullscreen Direct doesn’t sponsor the LPU (to my knowledge), Linkin Park does use their platform for their websites, so while they are the place to turn for website support (for the most part), they really don’t have any control over Linkin Park related matters, like previous LPU memberships and/or accounts.


when i say financial assistance i am requesting to accomadate the previous membership price of $25 for membership plus package and no additional charges for shipping. as that is the only pricing i can afford for an unemployed low budget lady. and this was the price i paid when i was an active member.

i do not want to be charged $40 plus shipping costs as it does not fit in my budget. but regardless i will just have to do some thinking overall if it is worth putting my $$$ into but from the email recieved from fullscreen direct i do not wish to do any business with them for they are poor in customer support. but good day.


Logically there is no real reason to buy an LPU membership until they drop the LPU17 CD, unless you want the merch (which is 50/50 as it is). If you want a membership that doesn’t have merch it only costs 10 USD.


Can’t really blame them. Prices went up when X launched and have been the same (or almost the same) since then. Larger packages, better quality, better shipping (for me at least, since I used to live far far away from the US). But, this is why they now offer various bundles. You can just go for the $10 membership if you really want one. And maybe you can grab random items that you might want from the store later.

FSD is not the best at customer service, I definitely give you that but you can’t expect them or HQ to do anything else really.


I can’t blame you for being low on money, it sucks not having money for the things you want. I don’t even think asking if you can get a coupon or something along those lines is immediately bad, but you can’t expect to get things for free or at a discount, then say support isn’t doing their job when they don’t.

And as I said before, Fullscreen Direct really isn’t who you should be emailing about these concerns to begin with. LPU prices everything on the store and receives that money themselves (that they put right back into the fanclub to make it better). Fullscreen Direct doesn’t even handle the shipping, I believe it’s another service, so if they gave you a discount, they’d be giving away money that wasn’t even theirs to begin with.

I’m sorry if the prices are too steep for your budget, but there are other options, as the others have mentioned, and you don’t need a membership to continue using most of the online features. I can’t speak for others on how Fullscreen Direct’s support is, I haven’t had to email them that often, but they are just doing their job in this situation.