Swedish LPUers, are you out there?


I am! From Norway though, but I live close to the border. Does that count too?:joy:


Heh im not a Swede also. From Estonia actually., Sweden is the closest place to see Mike :slight_smile:


@spellingmistake are you you up for a meet up as well in stockholm?? :smile:


Yeah ofc :slight_smile: always into meeting new people :slight_smile:


Cool! If you are in WhatsApp I am trying to gather everyone in there so we can chat and decide where to meet! You can find me at +4531602904 :hugs:

And of course if anyone else who I haven’t spoken to yet are welcome to join as well :grin:


Yes i live in Stockholm :grin:!!


I’m from Skellefteå! :wave:t3::grinning:


The answer is no. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Im going to Reading Festival, though. Anyone else going?


Only leeds not reading :confused:


Hey Everyone!
What do you think about if as many of us lpu members get together before the show in Sthlm??

Maybe eat something talk and have a good time before the show??