Sweet Thrift Score! (Can someone fill me in on what version of Reanimation this is?)


Pretty epic thrift find. Cost $1.
I’ve seen this version of Reanimation around before but I’m unfamiliar with what it actually is. I only had a burned copy of the regular as a kid, so I was very excited to find this.
But wait, it gets better!
Cracked it open to see if it was in there and…

I’ve never owned Live in Texas, either! One step closer… to completing my LP CD collection.

My friend said it was my karma payout from calling out some lowdown internet businesses trying to get money from people by playing their sympathies and using CB’s name.

I’m cool with that concept.


As far as I can tell it’s a special edition with a DVD. @jFar920 would be able to tell you more, he knows this sort of stuff.


That’s the DVD audio version, it’ll only work in a DVD player, so you won’t be able to rip it onto iTunes or play it in your car, but the audio quality is better if you have the right surround sound setup. It also has music videos and the making of the Pts.of.Athrty video, but it probably says that on the back.

I actually found this myself not too long ago, but for like $15. $1 was definitely a steal. I assume they were also sold in stores at one point, but these were given away to LPU 2 members for free back in the day


That’s pretty awesome to know. That would make it the second LPU disk I’ve found secondhand in a thrift, then. I haven’t quite gotten the chance yet but I’m excited to check it out.


Another question, can anyone tell me about this? Maybe @jFar920 ?
I’d hate to make (more) of a nuisance of myself than necessary, too, is there a thread already dedicated to questions like these?


That’s part of the special edition of Meteora. Includes the making of the album and the making of the album’s art.

The package of this version of the album is actually blue and not brown.


That’s the Making of DVD from the special edition, not sure why it’d be sold alone

Edit: Ninja’d


Thank you both. I got it at a second hand music place, so I guess someone kept the music but sold the dvd? Maybe it was all they had left? I don’t know.