Sydney lpu meet-up?


Just wanted to know if anyone’s still interested in meeting up mid-afternoon for a late lunch before the show and get to know some other LPU’ers ? Should be fun. It was great meeting other fans at the Summit in NZ, so this’ll be kinda the same ! Mini-summit.
Since we get let in before the public, we don’t need to be there until 30-40 mins before doors. I was thinking the Hard Rock Cafe would be an appropriate place, or if anyone has any other suggestions… ?


yeah im down for that. lets get this happening.


I probably can’t get there until like 40 mins before the doors open but I wanna meet everyone! I was lucky enough to meet the band at soundwave yesterday
Ps do u know how we get in early? We just bring our lpu pass yea?


Too bad I got to go UNI! class starts tomorrow & I’m on til 5pm! :frowning: would love to meet more LPU’ers especially ones from SYDNEY!

In what area are you guys planning to meet?


Definitely keen to meet up just depends on M&G times but would love to hang out with everyone


Yeah I’m on the same boat as Sarah regarding m&g. Meet around 3pm? I’ve got a few other LPUers keen also.


I’m keen, won’t get up there till 3 or 4 though. Tweet me if you’re keen @jonoPN


hey guys for those who haven’t been contacted or those still keen, we are meeting at Sydney Entertainment Centre Maccas at 330pm today. See you guys there


Are you guys at maccas entertainment centre now?.. I got stuck in UNI :confused:


Hey man, we were at maccas a while ago but now I think we’re all lining up