Sydney M & G


Got my confirmation email yesterday while travelling to Soundwave!! So excited to finally meet them after listening to them for 11 years! Wondering who else got an email and what they are taking to get signed?


Congrats Sarah! Got mine also! still deciding on whether to get one of my vinyls sign or just the living things album.


Awesome guys!
Hoping to win one for my special needs brother. How many people got to win one?


You are so lucky!!! Enjoy it, I missed out on going to the Summit in Auclaknd last weeknd and I met someone who went and he said they were amazing, so friendly and genuine.


Congrats guys! Very jealous haha, see you in the pit though!


I’m going to both sideshows and got a meet and greet for Melbourne !


so now that they have sent the emails for M & G invites does it mean the others have already missed out?.. even though it’s saying 7hrs more til they announce the winners on the M & G sign up page?


For Chris N above - unfortunately they won’t let you give your M&G pass to anyone else…they seem quite hard over on this point