Since more than 11(!?) years i love your music,
but I am really falling in love with classic music in the last months (Beethoven-you should all listen to the whole 9th!!!).
And i wonder what Mike Shinodas symohny would sound like. I know you could do it and it would flash us all away…oh my god, in my head it´s so beautiful and i have no idea what it would sound like…
I know, you are busy and you always create new songs - but maybe one of them could be a little longer, with more strings…?! (something like drawing as a 16min version…or iridescent (perfect in intrumental by the way))
Its just an idea, maybe you like it, i mean you have time until you´re 90…but i would really like to hear that in a few years.

Ah: Happy new year and lots of love and health for all of you and your families!!



Ha Hey! this would be such a pleasure!

i mean Mike, your symphony is already in your head, please put it in reality!
want to ask you for this on the chat ;D


LP to you can and to symphonic music with heavy rock mix))