System of a down


Anyone think they are awesome? I’m a fan of theirs but unfortunately have never seen them live. Have any of you guys seen them before?
I hope they get back together and do a world tour, cough cough AUSTRALIA!!


I like them but can’t bear to hear everything they make. sometimes they just sound very noisy lol. I like listening to Serj solo work more than SOAD


I love them. They’re great. And the new Serj’s CD is going to be great :smiley: But unfortunately I haven’t seen them live too, but I hope they will come to Poland together some day.


I love them so much, they are so great!!! And I’m waiting for them to come back to Germany. I’ve never seen them live, last time it was too far away and too expensive.


They are one of my favorites ;))…I have yet to experience them live… I just came from my deep metal: Summer Slaughter Tour :)…was so fucking amazing!!!


yes they are quite awesome but to be honest they arent that good now when performing live. My fav song is chop suey:P


I saw them last year at Download and they where AMAZING! To be honest I was really drunk, but they where still AMAZING I am sure :smiley:


I heard somewhere that they DID get back together but only for touring purposes. Can’t be sure, but I can be sure of how incredibly awesome they are!!!


I LOVE SOAD! Haven’t seen them live though! They need to come to South Africa!


I’m a causal SOAD fan. I like their stuff and listen to them every now and then. Not really too interested in seeing them live but maybe one day = ) Watching a lot of videos of their concerts it looks like it gets pretty crazy there!


Of course they’re awesome :smiley: I still hope for a new album…


Their music is awesome! I used to listen to it for a long time, but now I’d like to hear some new stuff of SOAD. I haven’t seen them live. Maybe I would join a concert… :wink:


I went to their concert last year at Rock in Rio. According to them, they never played for a bigger audience and I was so close to the stage. One of the best shows that I ever was.


they rock!!!


I love SOAD. They are the first heavy band I liked and I still love their music. I’m not too keen on Serjs solo albums though.


[quote=Mohammed]I like them but can’t bear to hear everything they make. sometimes they just sound very noisy lol. I like listening to Serj solo work more than SOAD

This. I like quite a bit of SOAD’s music, but there’s some of it that just sounds like noise to me. I haven’t much of Serj solo, but what I have heard I really liked.


I just love it. I love Serj’s voice and how Daron’s balance together. I love the melodies, but the lyrics aren’t the best all the time. And to see them live… I tought I was gonna die, not joking, but really amazing. Such caotic energy and when you look up to Serj he’s there, like he just smoked pot, enjoying his own high.

Serj’s solo is so much like SOAD that sometimes you can’t see the diference.


They are awesome. I’ve been a fan for a long time. :slight_smile:


yes they are great, I’ve been in rock in rio 2011 only to see them


I went to their show on Rock In Rio last year, this was awesome, but not like Linkin Park rs