Tacoma Show


So there are a few of us heading up to the show in Tacoma. We were thinking about going to the Swiss Pub afterwards in Tacoma for an after party. Just throwing it out there to see if anyone was interested in meeting up after the show.


I would totally go, but I have to head back to Eastern Washington that night so I can get to work the next day. Stupid work!! lol I hope you have fun…it sounds AWESOME!!!


I would live to attend too, but I live up north. Speaking of living up north, are there any people who’ll be traveling south to Tacoma?


sounds like a great idea but i am not to sure where the pub is at?


1904 Jefferson Ave + Tacoma, WA 98402
is the address, it is about a mile away from the dome.


I’ll try to go! One of the friends that i’m going to the show with is a regular at The Swiss. Haha.


Thats awesome. Ive only been there 4 times, since I live in southern Oregon., but whenever I go to Washington for a concert or anything, i always make a point to stop in. They gave me free LP proj rev tickets back in 2007 when i got back from Afghanistan. I went in last year, and the bartender remembered me, even 4 years later. Awesome bar, and a great environment.