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Thanks for the tag guys!

  1. I’m going out tomorrow night
  2. a week tomorrow I’ll be seeing Mike
  3. I’m listening to Krwlng right now :smiley:

I tag @avicenna and @chigokurosaki


I get a guitar yesterday
Working on a new song right now
And this weekend I am looking forward to more sleep

@OneMoreLight2017 @melisLP


Glad to see you here @gatsie thanks for the tag!

  1. I woke up really late today
  2. I am currently watching music videos
  3. Lunch will be soon

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Thanks for the tag @StephLP18!

I’m getting an oil change done on my car.
I want to do more coloring in my copy of Mike’s art book today.
I have 36 days til I go on a cruise to Bermuda and 88 til Mike in Boston!

I tag all who haven’t gone @OneMoreLight2017 @framos1792 @chigokurosaki


Thank you for the tag

  1. Selling more stuff on eBay,
  2. Managing my Facebook groups,
  3. Seeing Shinedown later this year.

I tag @ashesoftime, @coolcat96 and @gatsie


1 I’m drinking tea with honey
2 I should be sleeping but… Here I am
3 I ordered stir fried rice with salty fish at a Chinese restaurant today, but they gave me chicken instead. I assumed it was chicken because it didn’t taste like fish. As an excuse, they gave me a free dessert that I wouldn’t recommend either… :nauseated_face:

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Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

1 I’m learning Something From Nothing by Foo Fighters on guitar.
2 The heat wave is finally over, so no more sweating :joy:
3 Summer break is almost over :sob:



Thanks for the tag @rickvanmeijel , well I’m back to saying what I’
m up to xD

1- I been listening to older recordings I did back in 2014, which were left unfinished. I will keep them unfinished though lol.
2- Finished reading “No Boundary” by Ken Wilber, and it definitely connected to me, was also one of the reasons I chose to “risk” more.
3- Finished recording a remix of a song off @rickvanmeijel 's “Reliving” EP. But also have to record vocals for a song Rick will be producing for me. Its fun recording/writing lyrics with @StephLP18 also, thanks to both of you guys for making this possible!

@lpfan61 @the_termin8r @StephLP18


My turn! :blush:

1- Yesterday I went for a 1-day trip on mountains with my parents,sister and brother in law
2- I was up for 20 hours and 20-30 minutes! :grin:
3- Once I was up for about 2 days,due to a sad event so I didn’t count them precisely…

Next: @aaran how’re you doing? :sun_with_face:
And @amitrish :smile:


Thanx for the kek - :joy: ehhm - tag @gatsie

  • had lunch just now
  • about to have coffee
  • I love my life

I don’t tag anybody- still we wanna hear news from @intheend @StephLP18 @the_termin8r ( who has muted this thread) from @samuel_the_leader ( from a tag a veery long time ago ) @ashesoftime @chigokurosaki @framos1792 @OneMoreLight2017 @melisLP - 10 tags limit reached- you all go :grin:

  1. I have finished watching 6 seasons of a tv show, and now I am thinking of reading a book.
  2. Today I set up an smart TV all by myself and was able to login as well. This is an achievement since none of you know my history with TVs. :sunglasses:
  3. I have started a font war in here. Next I will start an autocorrect war.

@anngelenee you have been warned. Also, you can be next. @spellingmistake come here. We have a fight to fight.


Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

  1. My favourite colors are blue and turquoise :slight_smile:
  2. On basic school, I told my teacher that it was the boys who broke the window. Although it was true, hey hated me from that moment ever since. I did it because otherwise the whole class would have to pay and my mother did not have the money.
  3. When I was little, I wanted to be a cosmonaut.

@Honey8 you’re next :slight_smile:

  1. Got a little sunburn on vacation
  2. Have to make something on lunch :seedling:
  3. Watching my friend vlogs (she was au pair in us )

@NickGr & @lpaniist :wink:


Thanks @raz7 for tag me and thanks @theearlywalker for remind me I was tagged lol

  1. I’m on holidays now. But I’ll go to the beach on Sunday :ocean::ocean::ocean:
  2. The vet told me my cat is fat haha so he is still on a diet.
  3. Sorry not to be so active in the forum recently. But I don’t feel very confident at the moment and I don’t feel comfortable with myself too. I think it will take a long time for me to be fine with myself again. But my cat loves you all
    There’re people here who is tagged and don’t answer :grin::grin:


Sending you big hugs :hugs: and strength- you are a great person Mary, :rose: We all know such phases from time to time - hold on and stay strong :muscle:t2: I hope you’ll feel better soon :sunny:@ashesoftime


Sending you loads of strength @ashesoftime. We will be waiting for you when you come back. You are an awesome person, and I know things will settle down with you soon. Take care. We are all here if you need us. Hugs to Furia as well!


Sending you hugs and love!


We love you dear!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :muscle: :sun_with_face: :honey_pot: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I know how you feel. Sending hugs and love.

  1. I’m on a family vacation in Germany
  2. I had a race on Saturday (on rollerskis) and I was 3rd
  3. I had very tasty salad with salmon and prawns for dinner today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@NickGr @Honey8 you’re tagged :blush: