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Just going to intersect riggggggggght herrrrreee

  1. I have black/dark purple/blue hair
  2. I am almost done with my driving classes online… Watch out
  3. I also have a new found love called amino
  4. Imagine Dragons sucks

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Awwwww I love your cat too

My facts coming soon pat

  1. I’ve never eaten kebab nor gyros
  2. I’ve got a keyboard from my granddad a week ago but I can’t play it :grimacing: (actually I thought it was easier :sweat_smile:)
  3. I like traveling and trying new food

There are a lot of people already tagged :wink:


Thank’s for the tag @acemasters :blush:

  1. I just came back from my morning walk
  2. I still need to create a Boris for friday. Thinking about a lot of eyes shapes.
  3. I like playing bowling with friends.

I agree with the lot of people already tagged.


Thank you thank you! For the tag!!
Well I’ve got nothing much to tell here.

  • I’ve been busy with studies. Mostly because unexpected work comes up (I don’t think that is new)

  • I created a poem on corruption and wrote a short write up " soldier’s diary" for my school stuffs. I’ll post in my creations thread later.

  • started reading a book named 'tuesdays with morrie". It’s nice! :smiley:

@NickGr ! How is everything bro! :smiley:


:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: How are you! Alle gut?


Hey :slight_smile: Yes we’re all right thanks :slight_smile:


Heyyoo me just fine. Received my ton of books today (btw why the hell I need Russian history in a MEDICAL uni?)


Oh, I’ve been tagged (thnx to @anngelenee)

  • received my books today
  • wasn’t that active because I finally came to the city and was like … going out in 12:00, coming home at 20:00
  • back to the country for a couple of days
    @evooba and @Droms


Welcome angel!!

Oohoo! That’s bad? Or good? I should say neutral lol. Well actually i don’t know why you need russian history in the medical, but it was good reading the russian revolution and the stuffs. I did it when i was in 10th grade :slightly_smiling_face:
(Kinda studying your own country history is a bit boring for me tbh :sweat_smile: same all things repeat and there is nothing new )


Thank you for all who tagged me :slight_smile:

  1. I´m still in my hyped feeling and re-watch the Paris show again
  2. Can´t wait to see @theearlywalker on Wednesday again and meet hopefully @sforreal :heart:
  3. And I will see Incubus live on Tuesday - super cool :slight_smile:

I tag @evooba ( it was lovely to meet you in person) and @rickvanmeijel ( are you coming to Cologne too?)


Thanks for tagging me!

1 I’ve become addicted to Rise Against’s two latest albums :smile:
2 This week I plan to work harder on some music collaborations and hopefully release something soon!
3 I considered going to Cologne, but I’ve decided not to buy second hand tickets :neutral_face:

Tagging @aaran


Oh no @rickvanmeijel , I thought you bought a ticket from @DavidZinssler !


:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: I hope to meet you too on wednesday :kissing_heart:


I didn’t, he had already sold it I think


A friend of mine is selling one if you want!


Thanks for the offer, but I can’t make it anymore


Woohooo i’m here :heart:


Who goes? Lemme check …
@aaran- heey yoo - wassup? @evooba ( but I think she muted this thread as well as Rob)
@Droms where are youuuu??? :eyes: @StephLP18 you were tagged and @hilaryfol and @LP13413 and @chigokurosaki and a few more- let it flow guys :cyclone:

  1. Getting ready for a long weekend
  2. Its been very hot by me lately
  3. Trying to play numb on my guitar atm