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  • I cannot wait for next week. Monday’s a holiday, then starting Tuesday I go back on nights, and a normal schedule. Although, we do have to go in an hour early that first day, just to move some furniture (One classroom’s being re-carpeted within the next couple days, and should be ready by then).

  • I’m getting a lot of people asking me to cover In The End for YouTube, which I have half-done. The tutorial is ready for upload, but the actual cover needs to be re-recorded. That should be done by next week. I like to upload tutorials after the initial cover, so those will both be up then.

  • Within the last month, I managed to get myself addicted to Snood all over again.

I think there are enough people tagged.


A storm went through a nearby town a few days ago, where I work. Trees down in nearly every yard. It’s been a busy past couple days

I just started the final course I need to take for college. It’s a bit stressful to even think about despite the class barely even has anything going on yet

I’m still in a state of confusion about this:

Uh, like @LP13413 said, there’s a lot of people queued up


Alright, I’ll go. Somebody tagged me, but I forgot who. Sorry!

I am a big fan of soccer. I’ve played most of my life, both for school and for club. I played mostly defense, but I could ball out in the midfield if I have to. I follow the professional teams Manchester United and DC United. I’ve been to a few DC United games, but I’ve only seen Man U play once when they came to the US for an exhibition match.

I’ve only seen Linkin Park perform live once. It was when they came to the local venue during the Carbivores Tour with AFI and 30 Seconds to Mars. The only other concert I’ve been to is Imagine Dragons in the same venue when they toured with Grace Vanderwaal. There were definitely more people at the ID concert, but it came nowhere close to the energy of the LP concert. I will also see Mike perform this November.

I can play the piano and the trumpet. I played trumpet in school from 6th-11th grade, but eventually stopped because I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I started learning piano from a teacher in 9th grade and stopped taking lessons around 12th grade due to a heavy soccer/school schedule. I have continued to play piano on my own though. My favorite songs to play are Burning in the Skies and Before You Start Your Day (twenty one pilots).

I’m not sure who to tag. I feel like everybody has already been tagged by someone else.


Thsnx for sharing - feels like I know ya better now :blush:… and for the tagging- you can tag everybody- even if they were tagged before already… it’s always nice to hear what the peeps actually do :smiley:


oh bad weather!!

Yes! :smiley: so for that imma call @Danni @LPUgrl2 @NickGr on the stage to tell something about themslves! :wink:


@theearlywalker I accidentally passing here, but without any news from the group I’m afraid that they have told us, silently, that we will no longer see a future for Linkin Park.

Mike continues with his tour for Post Traumatic

Joe was in Singapore

Phoenix meets with Mike on the last occasion with lafc

Bourdon and Brad nobody knows what happened to them, maybe they are dedicating themselves to their private life.


Wooow big words really calm spoken- and The facts you telling are true… but imo it isn’t clearly that way…- how about this… the other guys join Mike on the american leg of the tour- they end the tour together and next year - maybe in January/Febuary they go brainstorming in the studio …

I think Mike needed this experience for his griefing process and to get the bottom back under his feet. Now after this massive sucess- which is a lot granted from lpfans showing their solidarity at the shows with all their passion- we and them- especially Mike who was imo hidden hardest- has a lil bit of closure. But he cares a lot about the LPFamily too- so he will unite them again and move on. The music will change a bit due to his vocal range- but maybe Rob, Dave or Brad can jump into doing vocals …

@Droms head up and think positiv my friend- I am sure there will be a LP album after OML … :hugs:


I sincerely hope for a recovery as fast as possible, it’s been months since I’ve listened to the LP tracks and as a fan I “need” to have new stuff to listen to and new memories.
Today I was thinking of the phrase from C to Ken Jeon: “Can you teach me the hot dogs & ketchup?”

Personally, thinking positively is a bit difficult for me, but I want to be more realistic and at the moment reality is clear.


It’s like me sometimes. I have cravings for new LP music

  1. I was the third one to post on this…
  2. I am reviving it…
  3. I am picking who goes next…



Thank you for picking me! :blush: :rabbit: :hugs: :hugs:

1- Going to have breakfast
2- My sister went back home and now I have some free time hehe :grin:
3- Going to do day 14 for inktober, I’m one day in delay! :scream:

Next: @IronSoldier16


Thanks for the tag!

  1. I had the best birthday in years (thanks again)
  2. I couldn’t draw anything yet.
  3. I need sleep.

@chigokurosaki @framos1792 you’re next.


That’s sooo nice to hear :heart::slight_smile::blush:


@chigokurosaki @framos1792 it’s your turn :upside_down_face:


Guys?? Who’s it?

@chigokurosaki @framos1792

Eh wait…
It’s the singers! :smiley:
Have your turn guys! Along with that some mega hugs :hugs::hugs::heartpulse: long time!


We need a restart again.

  1. I’ve been out for 2 weeks or so.
  2. I’ve been replying all the threads I can. (Sorry for that.)
  3. I’m in a Honey’s mood :joy:

@theearlywalker @lpfan61 you’re next.


I see! Forum’s reliving! :grin:
My turn now!

1- I forgot about this game… lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
2- I’ll start drawing about moon soon… I have many things in mind I would like to try drawing… :blush: :sunglasses:
3- It’s becoming more cold here… :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :confounded:

Next: @amitrish @alz89 :grin:


Thsnx for tagging me @IronSoldier16, it’s a good idea to revive this thread :+1:t2:

So here are three facts from me:

  • I love noodles- I’ve eaten a full plate just now :yum:
  • this years xmas will be completely different than the years before- and I skip the tradition of having an xmas tree with a bright smile :blush: this year
  • I withdrew my application for the job after they had told me the salary :grimacing:

@annejprado, @AJ_7 and @LP13413 you guys go :grin:


I am so sorry about your application @theearlywalker ! I know something a million times better is waiting for you. Thank you for the tag! Glad that you are back @IronSoldier16

  1. I just finished dinner a while ago
  2. Really looking forward to Papa Roach’s new album- love what I heard so far
  3. The weather has become better here, and I am no longer roasting in the heat

@rickvanmeijel @StephLP18 @anngelenee

  1. On Tuesday get the Christmas gift I bought myself so still happy about that
  2. I am slowly recovering from getting sick
  3. Just looking forward to Christmas break which starts on Friday

@NickGr. @Lilyope