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The end of the movie… :joy: I’m still looking for an answer for this final. :joy:


Thanks for tag, @lpfan61 :grinning:

  1. I bought new Jordan shoes today (and I totally love them!) :heart_eyes:
  2. Yesterday I was on a little trip with my family and our dog
  3. I wasn’t at school today and I’m not going to go there even tomorrow :sunglasses:

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I still haven’t recovered from seeing Infinity War.
I finally set up my Linkin Park figurine set this past Saturday.
I’ve been listening to a lot of old music lately.

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Thanks for the tagging.

  1. I have been sleeping for moments.
  2. Maybe I am sick again. (Flu)
  3. I dreamed with Mike (^.^)

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Hey AJ! I’m doing well, thanks for tagging :smiley: how have you been doing? Did you succeed in staying off social media?

  1. I’ve been enjoying this perfect weather lately: 25 degrees, blue skies and lots of sunshine :sunny:
  2. Luckily, allergies are not as heavy as in previous years.
  3. I’m anxiously awaiting an announcement for Mike club shows in Europe. Chances are slim though

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Thanks Rick! I have been ok! Unfortunately not stayed away as much as I would have liked to thanks to Mike and his updates :joy:


Thanks @raz7

  1. This day was the last day of class! Next, final exam on 18th.
  2. 3 episodes left to finish Peaky Blinders.
  3. Having dinner and thinking about myself ( too selfish, I know lol :joy:)

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Trollnoda comes in at the wrong time :joy:

  1. Sorry for being absent. Really busy days now.

  2. New art will be watercolor but not sure when I finish it.

  3. Going to visit grandparents thes weekend.

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1 It’s been busy busy but now it’s a holiday so I get to relax
2 Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and bought my mom a new purse for Mothers Day because we won’t be able to hang out on Mothersday this Sunday.
3 I’m a bit bummed out that it was sunny the last few days when I had to work and now that it is a holiday it starts to rain.

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Thanks for the tag!

  1. I’m getting things sorted for my mums birthday on Sunday and running around like a headless chicken!
  2. I’m teaching myself some LP tunes in the piano
  3. I just started watching Breaking bad finally

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Ok lets do this:

  1. I ordered 3 more Tarantulas (so I will have 9)
  2. Planning to finally take more time to do some music.
  3. Beeing really hyped about the facts that there will be Meet and Greets with Mike

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:scream: :scream: :see_no_evil:

1- Did I say that I fear spiders?? :scream:
2- I like lizards because they eat spiders…muahaha :muscle: :smirk:
3- Just had coffee :yum:

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:spider_web::spider::spider_web: watch out @lpfan61 :joy: Don’t google “ungoliant” :rofl:

  1. I can’t wait for my signed Mike poster :heart_eyes:
  2. In 25 days, I am finished with university :scream:
  3. I need a holiday :sleeping:

@Honey8 <3


:unamused: you!!! :scream: :sob: :cry:


I WARNED YOU! :joy::sweat::cold_sweat:


Yeah,but I was too curious… :see_no_evil: :joy: :joy:

Yaaaay!! :hugs:


Thanx for tagging @jabinquaken and @IronSoldier16 the tag notification has 9hrs delay again…

  • four free days in a row
  • looking forward
  • relaxing

@GioS ( just tagging one person as there are a lot who have to go…)

  1. I literally just got a whole load of notifications, including the one for this thread (there must be a delay again)
  2. Having a cup of coffee
  3. Currently listening to some music

@raz7 and @IronSoldier16


I know :smirk:I tricked you :imp: