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Thanks for tagging me.

  1. Today is the Mother’s day.
  2. I’m eating pasta and drinking coffee.
  3. I’m listening to Pretty Bird.

@framos1792 and @ashesoftime


Yeah, me again.

  1. Currently revising,
  2. My headphones are now ruined,
  3. Im currently liking Jonathan Davis’s song “What It Is”

@danni1317 and @evooba


Same here. Was happy I got new tags and then realised I had already read those posts :joy:

That’s great! Are you on Soundcloud?


No and to be honest i dont really know what sojndcloud is


Oh haha it’s like a YouTube for music only. It’s a platform used by musicians and producers mostly. What kind of music do you make?


Pop/jazz and some slower lp titles


Thanks for tagging me @alz89 ! :slight_smile:

  1. I had a wonderful week until today.
  2. I’m on my way to work now and it feels so different since I knew that I will change my job in June.
  3. Feeling mentally really good these days and this is so so good :slight_smile:

@ashesoftime - it’s your turn my dear :slight_smile:


The fanpage name draw my attention :joy:


Welcome back @OneMoreLight2017 !!!

  1. Taking the train to work.
  2. Getting crazy about this weather. Yesterday was warm. Today is sunny but with a cold breeze…
    3.FInally, I finished Peaky Blinders!! Amazing!

@LPUgrl2 @rickvanmeijel


And to be clear it is not my page!!! Just saying​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s what i thought :joy::joy:


Thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:

  1. I’m excited about Mike’s show today, looking forward to the setlist!
  2. Catching up with school work right now
  3. I hope to find some time to finish my video this weekend


  1. So happy my college class is done

  2. He put our final in but I am to nervous to check it

  3. Chore day and well probably be listening to music well I do them



Thank you for tagging @rickvanmeijel and @theearlywalker :blush:

  • started knitting a scarf hoping it’ll be cold here one day :smile:

  • I like taking photos of places and people

  • I don’t like being in the photos

Your turn ace @acemasters

  1. I am playing Boom Street/Fortune Street
  2. I’ve got my kids into Dragon Ball Z
  3. They are excited for me to get my 2DS so we can all play Mario Kart together



Thanks for the tag @aaran :two_hearts::hugs:

  • i was very much messed up with studies but wrote an art on stress relief and i am much better :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

  • things are going in a flow and for sure i miss all a lot. I remember @evooba birthday
    :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::gift: as 15 may… but I don’t know how 15 may my cakeday slipped from my mind… lol

  • just to inform all that I’ll mostly keep up with writing now… less art and no music this year… cause I can’t keep up with that. I’ll have writing, Photography and some doodles… that’s it. Music imma learn adter this year :slightly_smiling_face::blush:

Oh my wait! The discobot changed!!!
It’s system now :flushed::flushed: soooo many updates lol

@georkost @GioS

  1. I’m planning a trip to Disney World :european_castle:
  2. it’s been raining like crazy here…hoping for some nice sunny days soon
  3. I just watched the entirety of the tv show Friends and it was amazing

@StephLP18. @melisLP


Thanks @Honey8

  1. I started writting stories (they are horriblre, but it’s ok!!)
  2. I have a 7 hours long playlist of lp and damien rice on my phone
  3. I hate when I wake up crying

@DavidZinssler @IronSoldier16


Thanks for the tagging.

  1. I had a test today. I won’t win the class, but it’s ok, I’m happy with myself.

  2. I’m tired because I walked like 5 km since the University until a market.

  3. I will eat in 25 minutes.

@ashesoftime and @framos1792

  1. Finally got my “regular” batch back :slight_smile:

  2. 3 of my tarantulas molted

  3. Only got 4 Days left till vacation

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