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Thanks for the tag!

I had some chicken for dinner.
I hate mushrooms.
I worked out on my elliptical tonight while listening to Mike Shinoda’s songs.

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Thanks @IronSoldier16

  1. Just wake up… I need a tank of coffee. Yesterday was tired at work!
  2. Two days left for my exam…
  3. I’m spending these next days studying hard and making the last views. If I’m not here you know why! :yum:

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-haven’t been back here in ages it feels
-have lots of catching up to do :persevere:
-have a flu since yesterday :triumph:

@theearlywalker and @Lilyope
Idk who’s been up recently


:scream: get well sooon!! :muscle: :muscle:

Nice you showed up!! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Hope you feel better soon


Thanx for the tag @framos1792 - sending you virtual honey-tea with powerdrops :joy:

My facts today:

  • happy to have two weeks holidays ahead :sunny:

  • considering to do a roadtrip with my daughter, maybe Italy… I miss the sea :ocean:

  • I have no worries atm- means I feel good and happy, this is seldom and I just enjoy it :blush:

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Thank you @framos1792 for the tag :hugs:

  • Tomorrow I will buy a new cellphone (maybe a Samsung S8 because it seems to make beautiful photos but i’m still wondering if I want to put one half salary on a phone)
  • Next weekend i will go to London for three days with my friends, I can’t wait I love this city!
  • I want to go hiking in the mountains

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Yaaay!have fun! Why not meet Londoner soldiers?? :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: :smile:

My turn:
1- I’m dead busy and will be till Saturday :exploding_head: :muscle:
2- I can’t be active like I would be…but don’t worry! :muscle: :sun_with_face:
3- Going now…have a nice weekend you all! :hugs:

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It would be cool but i still don’t know what my friends want to do. So I think (because i’m not going there alone) it will not be easy to plan a meeting. :confused:


:confused: understood… hope you can manage to arrange some meeting…it would be awesome! :blush: :muscle: :hugs:

  • I was on early morning hike and I have tick bites :confused:

  • Meet my friends today

  • Don’t have any ideas on lunch



Thanks for the tag @Lilyope :wink:

  1. My favorite LP song is Talking to Myself
  2. I found four-and-a-half-leafclover today :four_leaf_clover:
  3. I’m starting to move with my arm already :muscle:

I tag @framos1792 and @rickvanmeijel

  • I spent an hour of my own time at work today. I didn’t finish last night because we were busy doing other things.
  • My cat’s new favorite toy is a slinky I found earlier this week. It has an image of Ariel from The Little Mermaid on it.
  • Tonight, my dad and I went out to eat at a local place neither of us have been to in a long time. Above our booth was a 1948 picture of Marilyn Monroe in Malibu.

I think there’s enough tags already to keep this thread going a while. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

  1. Listening to OML album yesterday I realised it has grown on me so much since its release. The moment Nobody can save me starts I get lost in the beautiful relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Talking about relaxing, I’ve been feeling pretty relaxed this weekend which is nice :smile:
  3. About 4 weeks of school left :tada:



Thanks for the tag @rickvanmeijel

  1. Wore my Chester memorial pin for the first time on Friday, felt pretty special!
  2. I was excited to catch up with an old friend over the weekend, we met 20 years ago working as nannies in Venice, Italy.
  3. My cat is asleep on my lap, don’t think I can get up she looks too comfy :smiley_cat:

I tag @zenataylor :upside_down_face:


Thanks @melisLP and @theearlywalker :kissing_heart:

  1. I had really nice days in Bavaria.
  2. Danced to Numb/Encore at the Wedding Party - my Personal Highlight.
  3. On my way to work

@IronSoldier16 and @cissoye ( I will bring you to join us more here in the Forum :smile: - don’t hate me ) haha


This my last week of school

Torrmow is my last tests in school

And I can’t want for my summer break to start my last day is may 24 yay

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Thanks @OneMoreLight2017 for tagging me! I really don’t mind if you make me more active here, that’s actually what I need because forums are kinda foreign to me :laughing:

1.I only get into things to the level of obsession until I find a new one.

2.I suck at friendship or relationship because I always fear to be annoying or a burden and don’t wanna step out of line so I come across as cold and selfish and uninterest. But I just lack social skills and struggle to understand the rules of the game.

3.I love writting.

I tag @kirsty13 and @purrfectlp (I hope I read the rules right about tagging random people :grin:)


Thanks for the tags @OneMoreLight2017 and @StephLP18

  1. I finally wrote my prologue.
  2. I had the honor to work with @Honey8 recently for my story “The First Mistake.”
  3. I’m waking up ready to eat something.

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Um… what’s that?

Hey! It was a honour for me too! :hugs::hugs: C’mon your tag once again brought me here… and brought a lovely big smileeeee :smiley: thanks!
Good morning! :partly_sunny: