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It’s the part of the book written for the same author or for another one. It goes before the principal history/story and has information about the work itself and some facts about the writer. It has 3-5 pages of extension (according the type of book) and is optional it’s use in the book. Also in the end there is the Epilogue.


Oooh okay! :slightly_smiling_face:


@cissoye ! Yeah you did great!
I know it is sometimes not that easy to be open and find new friends because I know the feeling of fear to annoy someone. But trust me, here in the forum you won’t annoy anybody! Just check the game area and play some games or just write what you doing right now or what are you listening to. No one will judge you and I’m sure you will enjoy it one day :slight_smile: The LP Family here is amazing :slight_smile:️:ok_hand:


Thank you. I learned in my old (and first) fandom to open up and be active, but I’m a little self-conscious in the LP fandom for some reasons xD But I’m getting there, slow~ly.
I enjoy these little games but I’m quite busy writing and watching Mike/LP videos, but it’s a pleasure to participate when tagged lol
And just to be random, I’ve been listening to Mike’s EP since it came out (with a week or two short break for an EMINEM playlist xD). But it’s not not the right thread, so I’ll leave it to that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  1. I’m having fun looking at new job ideas
  2. I haven’t been sleeping lately :frowning:
  3. I am enjoying a beer

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Thanks for the tags :slight_smile:
I just put hot sauce on my breakfast a little bit ago so thought to go this route…lol

-my favorite socks are tapatio tube socks right now :stuck_out_tongue: feel like a perfect dork with them lol

-I drank about a third of a bottle of the same sauce in high school on a dare :nauseated_face: lol

-my dad is the spitting image of the mariachi dude on the bottle

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Thanks for the tag @framos1792

Just out eating with my family

Getting ready to eat again tomorrow at a buffet

Can’t wait to go to la and Disneyland

I tag @chigokurosaki and @lpfan61


Thanks for the tag @framos1792

I’ve watched 3 episodes of the second season of 13 Reasons Why and it’s intense.

I’ve got a headache

I’m thinking about seeing the show Mike Shinoda will be apart of in New Jersey

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Enjoy your trip! :smile:

1- Finally have some time to check the forum and reply here! :muscle:
2- I’m tired and thinking on going to sleep soon… :sweat_smile:
3- Saturday my sis will get married! :blush: really happy for her… :blush:

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Are we going to see some beautiful flowers pictures then? :grin: By the way, thank you for the tag. :hugs:

  • One more work day and I’ll be on holidays for one week
  • After watching Mike’s instagram live with grandson, I started listening to grandson music and like it too. The music of Blood//Water reminds me a song of Broken Back, I try to figure it out but i still don’t know why.
  • I like having fun with Johnny :

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Thanks for the tag @Lilyope

  1. Wishing you a great vacation @theearlywalker
    2.Wishing @lpfan61 congratulations on sister’s wedding
    3.Mike’s song is stuck in my head

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Amaaaziing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiley:


Thanx for the tag @AJ_7 :blush:

  • being on holidays for two weeks now and really? It can go on like forever - but yeah- that’s not what life is supposed to be- it has to be HARD :joy:- so today getting back into housewife’s routine- first of all: THE LAUNDRY :scream: yaaay (:joy:)

  • plans for holiday trip during the summerbreak of school changed a bit since I found out that a trailer to rent is 159 Eur per day, but there on top the camp-site, food and to clean and cook? No way- we go by car now, 159 Euro is luxury class hotel… and first accommodation I book today is PARIS :heart_eyes: - obviously special guest at his show : Boris the hacker :joy:

  • thanx @AJ_7 for linking me the listening parties but it’s unfortunately right when school starts again ;( but I love to have friends like you sharing such stuff with me :heart_eyes::hugs:- as a soldier you never walk alone- it’s wonderful

Tagging @samuel_the_leader and @chigokurosaki as you guys were tagged already before… go ahead and have a great weekend family :sunny:


(Lol, two tags by @AJ_7 one by @theearlywalker and one by @annejprado sorry, I just didn’t know what to post :joy:)

  1. Worked on our bridge yesterday, its fixed now, finally lol

  2. Finally got my tattoo touched up today, after waiting forever :joy:

  3. Will be trying to list all popular and underrated LP songs in two seperate lists of order of my favorites, should be an easy one :joy:

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thanks for the tag @chigokurosaki

  1. ive buggered my knee up on saturday evening

  2. I finally went to my first festival the other weekend

  3. I’m excited about Mike’s album!!

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Thanks for the tag @alz89

  1. I got a tweet reply from Dave today :grin:
  2. I ride Icelandic horses in my spare time!
  3. I am excited to see Boris’s video :wink:

I tag: @gatsie and @lpfan61


Nice to meet you and thanks for the tag! :blush:

1- I’m watching the TV
2- I don’t like Harry Potter, find it kinda ridiculous lol :sweat_smile:
3- Can’t wait for Saturday plug meet :blush:

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Thanks for the tag!

Yeess! Can’t wait either :slight_smile:

You know how I feel bout this :joy:

  1. Right now I’m preparing a presentation for tomorrow.
  2. Harry Potter was my childhood so don’t you dare try to offend me.
  3. Good goodnight everyone!



So sunshiny reply! :heart_eyes::smiley: Lol :sunny:

Okay I won’t. :joy:


Thanks for the tag @rickvanmeijel !

  1. I recently lost of my grandma and its been a very tough few weeks to handle I feel lucky for the support I received from LP soldiers

  2. I love watching Roland Garros (tennis grand slam)

  3. I would love to go to the Rock en Seine festival to see Mike but I am afraid of going alone

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