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Sending strenght to you!! :muscle: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

There are some soldiers here that are going too…maybe you can meet them there… :smile: :sun_with_face:

EDIT: link to the thread :blush:


Thanks a lot :purple_heart:

I recently saw, I need to get in touch with them :blush::pray: it would be truly awesome to get to see Mike and meet soldiers


@sforreal Sorry for you loss. Sending you strength :hugs:

For Rock en Seine don’t worry, I’ll go alone too but that’s fine because there are some others LPU members too! We’ll meet there!


I said this before to @lpfan61, it was a reference. So don’t worry, I’m not that sensitive :smile:

@sforreal I’m sorry for your loss, sending you strength!


I’m sorry for your lost. Stay strong.


So sorry for your loss


Thank you all so much @Lilyope @rickvanmeijel @IronSoldier16 @melisLP

You’re right I guess I will get a ticket, I really would love to see Mike and show him support


Big hugs to you dear :hugs:- sorry that this happened- I’ll be in Paris too - and a lot of wonderful ppl from here to- look in the thread that lovely @lpfan61 linked to you- the family looks forward to meet you there :sunny:@sforreal - sending you strength :muscle:t2:


Thanks @chigokurosaki
I’m so sorry for your loss @sforreal send you love in this hard moment :kissing_heart::purple_heart:

  1. Watching Jurassic Park 3.
  2. Making plans for the next weekend with my friend.
  3. Getting ready to go to bed.
    Nothing interesting lol

@StephLP18 @Well_We_Do your turn


@sforreal so sorry to hear that :frowning: stay strong dear all will be fine soon. Big warm hugs and wishes! :hugs::hugs::sunny::sunny::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I’m so sorry to hear that @sforreal, my condoleances!

  • I really honing Mike is coming to Belguim or The Netherlands. I’m on vacation when he comes to Paris…:roll_eyes:

  • Only a month ril Rock Werchter and I can’t wait!!!

  • It feels like summer over here, We’ve had so much sun and there is much more to come :sunny:

@chigokurosaki and @LPUgrl2 you’re next!


You are all angels for which I am very grateful thank you from the bottom of my heart ! :purple_heart:
@theearlywalker @ashesoftime @Honey8 @sabje102

:heart_eyes::blush: looking forward to meet you as well


You are an angel as well. And we are grateful to have you here dear :heart::hugs::hugs::kissing_heart:

  1. hopefully going to have job soon
  2. working on a new song still don’t have a title yet
  3. was bored lately so was drawing mike or trying to lol

@4lexpect @NickGr

  1. Still having this whole week holiday, YEAY!
  2. hearing the whole day all LPU´s, I’m at LPU 9 now, they´re amazing hidden treasures
  3. I really pray to god, Mike and Chester that I´ll have the chance to see Mike or Linkin Park near my city live

@Honey8 @rickvanmeijel


Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

  1. Only two weeks of school left for me!
  2. Looking forward to releasing my EP on Friday
  3. Enjoying the beautiful weather at the moment



Thanks for the tag :sunglasses:

  1. Doing some stuff for college.
  2. Waiting for June 15th :smiley: ( 9 days left !!! )
  3. Listening to One More Light album right now :sunrise:


  • Done with exams for this week
  • The next one is biology on the 18th
  • But for now I rest a little

@theearlywalker and @raz7


Watching Jurassic Park,
Waiting for Ghosts, Mikes new songs to be released,
Two more law exams and I’m done with exams.

@Lilyope and. @LPUgrl2


I wish you luck on them @raz7 same with you and your biology test @NickGr