Tag, you're it!


Thank you for the tag @raz7 :hugs: Good luck for your exams guys!

  • I spent 8 years as volunteer moderator on an online tchat, doing prevention to a large young public. I get addicted to it and had difficulties to move on to something else
  • I like to play billiard games even if i don’t do it often
  • I saw a little spider in my bedroom this morning and let her live, maybe she’ll sleep with me tonight :heart_eyes::joy:

@the_termin8r and @4lexpect, it’s your turn!


:flushed: :scream: :scream: first of all how do you know it’s she?
Second and muuuuch important: KILL IT!!! :scream: :ghost: :skull:


I also watched Jurassic Park yesterday! Rawwwr! Youre german? :grin:


I felt it!! :joy: I can’t kill it, I’m vegetarian, I don’t kill the living being (when I can avoid to do it). :astonished:


Thank you @Lilyope for your tag, kill that spider please! :grimacing:

  1. I´m having breakfast, a cup of coffee, browsing and dance to LPU10 right now :grin:
  2. Excited about Friday because of Ghosts. Can´t get it out of my head. It´s a earwig!
  3. Talinda´s newest interview/speech made me cry in the morning :cry:

Next: @lovebug77 @StephLP18


Why do you want me to murder the spider??? :astonished::joy:

Same for me with Talinda’s interview yesterday.


Because the fact that the spider can crawl over me in the night makes me crazy! :sweat_smile:


Yay! I’m not alone! @Lilyope find that scary spider and kill it or me and @4lexpect can’t sleep tonight… :scream: :laughing:


Alright, I’ll ask a cat which like spider’s meat to do it for me. Don’t worry, you can sleep tonight. :hugs:


Awww!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: thanks! :blush: love that cat! :heart_eyes:


No I’m British. :joy::joy:


Nobody in here is murdering spiders without my permission!!!


Thank you for the tag dear Friend! :grinning::grinning:

  • next two weeks i start all my school projects… you know what they have given so stupid projects that you don’t even feel like doing it lol.

  • the pre monsoon has srarted here … like ot was raining whole day yesterday… :umbrella::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain:

  • I’ve got this… a big crystal. And i am confused what to do with this… any suggestions?

So lucky! :grinning::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Enjoy!!

Two weeks of holidays left for me :joy::joy:

Happy wishes and good luck! You’ll do amazing! :smiley::tada::v:

New pet! :joy::joy::joy:

Aye! Am i only the lost person who doesn’t know about it :hushed: I’ll check out soon!

Aw… so sweet. :blush: So our friend got a new pet I guess :wink::wink:


@Honey8 how about…
A car mirror hanging thingie doohickey

-Umm… try putting a little light bulb inside it? Maybe it puts out some nice patterns?
-Maybe cut in half and put a picture between? So it looks like a pendant?
-a pretty desk paperweight
-make a hole at the pointy end to run a hook through it and use as a stylish belly button ring for the summer? :thinking: :joy:

As you can see my ideas are getting worse so I’ll stop lol

Thinking animals for this one…:thinking:
-I had a puppy named Ollie for one week then had to give him away :sob:
-I would make little chicks wrestle when I was a toddler :sob::sob:
-roosters hate me with a passion-literally any one I see it chases after me clawing at me (thinking back maybe they know I was bad to their babies :confused: )

Tagging @rorybourdon idk if you’re still up for coming here but have wondered for ages what’s been up :slight_smile:

Same with @arya_92, tag!, hope all is well your side too! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah… let me reveal the entire story ! :joy:
It was originally the car mirror hangy thingy… but mommy idk why didn’t liked it :thinking: so that had to break and the crystal left with me. :joy:

It’s too hard to break. It has a hole to put thread in… but where should i tie it :joy: it’s been abandoned from its original place lol.

Lol! Seriously belly button :joy: it’s tooo big!

I’ll try some Photography using it. That’s all i can do… but seriously… what after that :sweat_smile:

Forget about decorative things… mum doesn’t like it. :sweat_smile: Lol
Thanks for the suggestions tho @framos1792 ! :joy::joy: :hugs::hugs:


:flushed: :speak_no_evil: I’ll never ever in my life go to your place…I’m imagining it full of spider webs with giant spiders… :scream: :ghost: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: off limits to me… :see_no_evil: :joy: But it’s nice that everybody here has different tastes… :blush: :hugs:

Nice crystal! :smile:
:thinking: @framos1792 gave nice suggestions to you… Use it as a keychain?


Wow, I can’t believe you brought me here. Thanks. It is a long story why I left the forum, but nevermind.

  • I was asked today if I am a Viking
  • I am seeing Taylor Swift live soon
  • I am organising another memorial for Chester

tagging @georkost


I remember you saying you needed a break but it’s been a while :sweat_smile: happy to see you here though :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah, once i went away it was harder to get back. I was actually debating all day if I should post here or not.


I’m glad you did, i had been wanting to tag you arya Danni and a few others but always feel awkward if it’s not through this thread :stuck_out_tongue: it’s nice to know you’re doing well even if it’s just a pop in to the forums here and there :slightly_smiling_face: