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  1. Suffering from insomnia :flushed:
  2. Working on my submission for the Chester Video
  3. Loving Mike’s latest song, Ghosts! The album is already amazing.

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time to revive this one :slight_smile:

  • yesterday I had a serious talk with my boss- they wanted me to work at another school next year- that would have meant that I would have 1hr of driving on top to my working times… so- that pissed off me to the edge- the talk went good and I stay were I work next year- I was soooo glad :heart_eyes:

  • yesterday was the last day of the schoolyear and I feel just thankfull it´s over for this year- when the grades are given and there are still two weeks to go for the kids- they go crazy (more than they are normally already) … it took a lot of my nerves to stay cool with them- especially last week :crazy_face:

  • looking back to last this time year I feel just that the time passed quickly and my complete life has changed - I have never been so happy in my entire life than I am now. Especially since I left here and my comming back after Chaz´passing last year I made the experience how great and supportive you guys are- I would like to thanx to all of you that were there for me when I was at my darkest point… you helped me going on- to not give up and this is a gift I can´t value enough :pray:

I tag @aaran heey yo bro - time to tell us how the moving went :smiley: and @lpfan61 - give us some sunshiny update what you´re up to dear :sunny:


Time to relax and enjoy the sun! Have a great August :sun_with_face:

  • Yep, I moved a few days ago. It went well and my family were very supportive. I start my job in a few days :smiley:

  • Can’t believe its been a year since we all lost our friend…

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1- This morning I did some tomatoes sauce with our tomatoes (my parents and I) :tomato::tomato::tomato:
2- We have some vines too with which dad do wine, but I don’t like wine… I prefer beer… :laughing: :sweat_smile: :joy:
3- Today’s windy here, but the wind is warm… :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

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  • Probably going out for a little walk in the woods
  • I took my rola bola back out and tried to jungle on it. I had fun :smile:
  • I want to learn to do parkour but I’m not sure to be able to do that kind of sport, I don’t have muscles :joy:

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  1. I felt asleep at 21:30-22:00 yesterday and I woke up recently (1 hour ago)
  2. I’m having psychological problems, so I have a date with an especialist on Monday.
  3. I’m looking for another job because of my psychological problems.

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That’s good you had a long night!
I hope you’ll find a new job soon, sending you strength for everything ! :muscle::muscle::muscle::hugs::hugs::hugs:


You are strong-:muscle:t2: @IronSoldier16 and the way you deal with this situation gives you my full respect :grinning: and you are already on the road to get better and we all here love you and have your back- you can be proud on yourself- I am :hugs:

  • My dad just beat me in a game of mini golf. He didn’t any hole-in-ones like me, though (I had two).
  • Pop Evil is playing a free show downtown in a couple weeks. I just might have to go.
  • Not that I’ve ever had a weight problem, but come September I might experiment with something new.

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1.) I am currently about to enter my second year at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies! :turkey:). I am working on majoring in Architecture and minoring in Landscape Architecture. I was originally persuaded to go into engineering because math was my best subject, but I wanted to pursue a more creative career and architecture seemed like the best fit for me. So far I love it and look forward excitedly to my future career.
2.) I actually started following Linkin Park a little late in the game. I first heard one of their songs (What I’ve Done) when I was randomly playing around on YouTube one day around 2012 or 2013. Over time I started listening to more of their songs and was eventually hooked. This was right after Living Things dropped and Castle of Glass and LOATR initially became my favorite songs of theirs. Now I’m not sure what my favorite song of theirs is but Roads Untraveled, Waiting for the End, Burning in the Skies, and Final Masquerade are definitely up there.
3.) Before I began listening to Linkin Park I actually did not listen to any music. I think this was because I had only been exposed to pop music (which I don’t like) and not to anything else. After I started listening to them, however, I became a huge music fan and I was exposed to more music that I enjoyed. Other than Linkin Park I am also huge fans of twenty one pilots, NF, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and Coldplay.

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Brooooo right on

RIGHT ONNNNN! :grin: I might have been too harsh forcing aquaman on you :joy:

:hushed: IMG_7353
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-going to state fair tomorrow to be annoyed by the annoying crowds :expressionless: horrayyyyyy :unamused:
-my favorite uncle comes back from Mexico tomorrow too :grin:
-eating cookies that taste like ground corn from Mexico :yum: Delicioussssss

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1 I’ve been working on multiple collaborations, excited to see how they’ll turn out.
2 Finally the heat wave is over! I can finally breathe again haha
3 I’ve finished another book that talks about ancient laws of the universe. It’s deep but interesting stuff :smile:

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  1. I’m off to see my dad today, haven’t seen him in a while.
  2. I’m glad it’s raining for once as the heat was getting a bit too much!
  3. There’s only 27 days til I see Mike!!

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  1. I’m currently selling stuff on eBay and I may have more things to put in there.
  2. Currently watching TV
  3. We have adopted a black cat and called her Squeaks/Squeaky.

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I just posted a few hours ago :joy:


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Let’s see…I met Mike!
I’m in his Instagram story.
I tried to meet Pheonix but, he didn’t hear me as he was walking by.
I have to go back home tonight and don’t want to! The west coast is so much better than east.

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I have two tags thanks too @jrtrussell and @melisLP so does that mean I have to share 6 facts :sweat_smile:

  1. I what to a water park yesterday and I get a big sunburn during it
  2. Thanks to @NickGr great advice And help I am going to save up money to get the stuff for me to make a music video
  3. I start school in about two weeks so my summer break is almost over :tired_face:

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