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Zapping some life into this again!
I forgot even I got tagged haha

-I tend to procrastinate too much
-I have way too many pocket knives
-I had a while where I wore hats(ballcaps) every single day

@Lilyope :hugs:
Your turn gals

Also @theearlywalker, @DavidZinssler, @LPUgrl2 you’re all still up to go


Hey guys:

  • Im off for two weeks (starting next week)
  • Got a new pet
  • Get my next tattoo in February😍

  1. I’m on training camp now and when I come back home we will go to a family vacation :mountain_snow:
  2. I’m freezing rn cause I had to go swimming in the morning (and it was like 15°C) :grimacing:
  3. I hate football, insects and crowded places

I tag @lpfan61 and @NickGr :blush:


I don’t know why but I don’t want to know what IT is… :see_no_evil:

Thank you! :blush:

1- Maybe maybe I’ll go for 3-4 days holidays at the end of this month… :blush:
2- Sometimes I feel nobody around me can understand my feelings & thoughts…then I come here and I feel a strong connection with you all… :heart: :blush:
3- Today’s a religious holiday here, all shops and working places closed! :grin:

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Awwwww :heart:️ I know exactly what you mean :grin: Sending you a big hug :hugs: and we are only happy to have you here dear :yellow_heart::hugs::kissing_heart: your caring sunshine keeps us all warm :sunny::hugs:

  • have to sort out stuff in order to throw it away, I like the feel of throwing useless stuff away :heart_eyes::muscle:t2:

  • we start our Europe trip next week and I’m really excited- preparations phase started :heart_eyes::confetti_ball:

  • looking forward to see the shows- to meet a lot of of you guys and to celebrate life :confetti_ball::heart_eyes:

@lauraskovbjerg and @Klickzz you go :grin:

  1. I’m at the country
  2. Back home in a couple of days
  3. Still haven’t told mom I’ll go to Mike’s concert :see_no_evil:
    @StephLP18 and @DavidZinssler


Thank you @framos1792 for tagging me :hugs:

  1. My foot are hurting so bad because my hiking shows made me blinders. :sob:

  2. I want to see a ballet for years.

  3. I’m trying to see the moon with my telescope and taking photos of it

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Very excited for Europe tour as well!

  1. I got my new cover today that I made from my drawings in mikes book :grin:

  2. I had the best ride on my friend’s horse :horse:

  3. I am counting down for leeds where I will first be seeing mike, and then cologne and Stockholm where I am excited to meet new people as well :heart:

@lsj85 and @marialp2 I tag you guys :grin:


Thanks for the tag @Lilyope

Napa was fantastic we went wine tasting and explored the palace it was fun

Just finished watching Atlantis the Disney movie
Now I’m watching Prince of Egypt

This weekend I’m going to spend the whole week at Sacramento with my cousin and her baby

I tag @intheend and @chigokurosaki


boom baby @gatsie @lpfan61 @NickGr @OneMoreLight2017


Heeeyooo!! How are you? Some time without see you here… hope you’re doing well! :sun_with_face: :hugs:


I’m fine, this forum saddens me cause when I log in I immediately think of CB


Awwww!!that’s true…it’s all related,but stay strong!you know you’re NOT alone! :hugs: :muscle: :hugs:


Yeah i know, i didnt read any kind of news about band…so no one knows what are they doing (except Mike)?


Weeeell…from what I saw/read… at the moment only Mike is playing… band stopped for now, apart an apperance of Phoenix on a Mike’s show…

Guys correct me if I’m wrong!!!

BUT! Mike said in some interviews that all this doesn’t mean the band will stop for ever…so let’s see… :heart:


It’s been a long time since this break started … so everyone thinks a future decision :neutral_face:


Hey! Sup :smiley: Thanks for tagging me :slight_smile: It’s been a while since I came to this thread… Or other threads for that matter :sweat_smile: I guess we all have mixed feelings regarding CB and the future of LP. But it’s nice that the LPU family is still around for comfort, laughs, tears and random nifty stuff.

1 Just bought a new bottle of wine
2 I stopped consuming diary products since a month, but it’s hard to lay off the cheese
3 I wish Shinoda would do a show in my country

I tag you… @AJ_7 @acemasters @chigokurosaki

  1. Just finished a home made Lamb Curry
  2. Watching T.V for now
  3. Will be playing Skies of Arcadia very soon

List 2


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I ll go and post something, but how exactly does this work :eyes:


Oh okay, think i got it.

  1. Used to play lots of video games.
  2. Want to learn some music instrument (Guitar or Keyboard/Piano)
  3. Hates anything that lives in the water.

@the_termin8r @alz89 you re next!