Take care of your families!


My daddy just visted me…he had an accident at work. Something fell on his head and he was bleeding a lot and got stitched… He’s okay now, he thinks…
But it hurt me to hear this so late… I couldn’t be there for him in this moment…

But what I want to say is:

Take care of your families and freinds!
Better ask them one time too much how they feel, exycept for one time too less…
Call them now (!) and ask them how they feel… watch LOST IN HE ECHO!!!

Just do it… Please!

(sry for my english…german…)


For sure my brother!

And I deserve all the better for you and all of your family!

Be in Peace! [cool]


Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me! Love you!


thank you for pushing me to do this!
i wish your father all the best from my heart, robibop.

hey, love and peace for all of you!!!


I try to do that with the people I consider close friends… but the suggest of seeing LITE was funny xD