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in your opinions what is your all time favorite song by LP? and why?

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I think I will always like crawling because its such a classic and I could relate


I know it’s an easy theme/idea to make a topic about when you first join the fourm, and this shouldn’t discourage further posting here, but topics about everyone’s favorite Linkin Park song come by nearly once every two weeks


I love all of their songs. It’s actually pretty hard for me to pick just one. A lot of them get me on an emotional level. The first song on my playlist is Burn it Down, so I always pick that song as being my favorite. I do not know why. I just love the song.


I couldn’t watch the video to that for a really long time.


https://youtu.be/Gd9OhYroLN0 @jessicarister


Hey, I agree with @jFar920, there are a lot of these threads and we always welcome new guys, but a quick search should also bring up a load of threads that should answer your initial question.

Also feel free to check out the BOTS (battle of the songs) threads where you can vote for your fav songs in a series of polls. :slight_smile: We’re almost at the end of the current champion’s league, but a new one should be starting soon, that doesn’t mean that you can’t vote on the current one.


faint … cause it isreally the best description of the hurting that ignorance causes… omo : D


There are a few songs that are very best for me. In The End, Numb, Hands Held High, Waiting For The End, A Line In The Sand. I love almost every LP song, but those are my brilliant ones


@annejprado Oh, I have on my YouTube playlist now, but when I first saw it I couldn’t watch it because it brought back bad memories. I related to it too much. Now I’m fine.


Loving the advertisement @the_termin8r


We were all new here once and we have all probably made the move of making a thread that already exsist

Welcome to the forum and be sure to check/search the forum and post your thoughts