Taking The Path - an EP by NickGr


Unfortunately, my iMac wasn’t working and I had to use either laptop or tablet or phone… default audio cards can’t handle a few inputs or an input with a few playbacks(laptop can handle only 6-7 different instruments per track, otherwise an error pops up, mobile tech - up to 2-3, no more. I’m looking forward to buy some new stuff and an audio card)


This was amazing wonderful job. @NickGr


Oh man, I need to listen to this.

Sometimes I forget how many freaking talented people we have in here (and not just music wise).


Well it only benefited the sound in my opinion. Though just 6 or 7 inputs is a kinda low amount. I believe Stagelight accepts an infinite amount of inputs.

@birdy1989 What’s your Soundcloud?


So true! It kind of gives of an eerie vibe. I am sorry you had to go through some rough times. I hope all is settled now. So glad to see you on the forums, we missed you!


@rickvanmeijel i think my full name? Birdy Overgaag - Rouffaer
But I don’t make music, I don’t have any talent in anything tbh :joy:


Thanks, I’ll look up your account.
Not true, everyone has their own personal talents :slight_smile:


I do have some good qualities, but I don’t have a talent of some sort :sweat_smile:


Logic also accepts as many inputs as you like - it’s about the audio card that can’t handle both playback and record when it comes to 10 inputs :slight_smile:




Ah I see. Maybe time for an upgrade then :slight_smile:


Time for an upgrade but no time for an upgrade lmao