Talking about poo


lol like to get un aperetive for ya party? [you two motivated me on this lol…]
edit: let´s wait and see and be surprised in this thread…lol


Not sure people are up to this (if I understand correctly what this game is supposed to be). It might also be against the rules according to the code of conduct.


Why this @evooba?


I dunno what the :poop: this is about.

This is @The_early_walker’s favorite line in saying that she is going to sit there and pretend that she doesn’t understand :poop: about what people are talking.


??? :joy::joy::sunglasses:


Well, forums should be kept PG. Not sure how this game is going to go exactly…


This is not the thread for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew this before, but you and ya @intheend are welcome here…lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ups forgott: as a machine-man implying no feelings, you even can´t participate…sorry


Well, just to defend her for a moment, technically she isn’t breaking the rule. The word “poo” is neither profane nor vulgar, rather it’s much more (for the lack of a better word) polite. :stuck_out_tongue:
But nevertheless, many wouldn’t prefer to participate just because of the topic name.


Wait… isn’t poo code for “love” and flirting and all that?


I’m sure he gas has (holy :poop: not fart :poop:) some sort of sadistic hedonism.


She’s just using the word as an example. You could say “I like ice cream” instead of using the other word. I don;t think it’s a code for anything, but then I am unaware if she is doing so.


she isn´t doing nothing then setting a frameandgiving a plattform for human needs in sense of spreading LOVE bestways…


I thought it was a game about showing love in some way?

@The_early_walker Enlighten us.


best way to play on this game YES

BUT i´LL ADD to the rules: speech must be nice…metaphorical and :scream: romantic



In that case… I’m following Rob in this one. Sorry!


My point exactly: showing love in some way. So you can replace the word she used with any other word.
Ahhhmmmm… for example, (*clears throat again) I would prefer saying I ice-cream @Spelling_Mistake than you-know-what.


LOL buddie, the wedding makes you so…nice…


Haha Jabin’s innuendo word. So @EvoOba, unfortunately our solicitor @The_early_walker does imply euphemisms :stuck_out_tongue:


lol hi @samuel_the_leader so how do you call it then?:stuck_out_tongue: