Tattoos Honoring Chester


Hello all,

I’m not even sure I’m in the right topic forum, but since it’s about a tattoo I may be getting to honor Chester; I need your help finding the drawing and the person who created it so I may ask them if I could potentially use his/her drawing as a tattoo.

The drawing was of LP’s current hexagon logo, but instead, each side of the hexagon was holding each others hands and the missing piece of their current logo is the hand of Chester’s, because it has his flame tattoo on the hand.

If anyone has seen this drawing, please let me know.

Thank you so, so much.


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I haven’t seen that drawing, if you have a picture of it, someone on here might be able to identify it easier :+1:
Also, long shot but there is a tattoo thread but it’s a general one and I’ve been through it and don’t believe that particular one is on there but it’s a cool one to go through, quite a few on there


Thank you, and no I have no picture of it, only going by what I remember seeing a few days ago. I knew I should have saved it. I will also look through the tattoo thread. Thank you.


Yeah no problem
If I see it I’ll post here too
Been considering getting something too haha
Best of luck


Wait is it this one?


Ah, almost! something very similar. There was no LP logo in the middle, and it was all colored, like maybe colored pencil and Chester’s hand was slightly more to the right, showing more flames.

But yes, very, very similar. I will keep searching.

Thank you SO much for finding this one.


I think I found it! It was actually extremely similar to the one you posted on here, but in color and Chester’s hand is there, but it’s faded. I don’t remember the LP logo in the one I saw, I don’t think. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is it.


I know what picture you are talking about but it’s not that one…


I think I like the one you sent me better. The hands don’t look as cartoonish. I just love how I see Chester’s hand, slightly there. Sigh.


I was just going to say that!
When I saw the new logo I felt like a faded out or dotted line would’ve been symbolic like he’s still there
I think the faded hand captures that idea nicely


Agreed. We shall see now.

To be continued…


My tattoo honoring Chester… my first one. I got it the night of the 20th. I’m getting those 6 hands added in a couple months on my birthday.


:worried: hopefully you get your wish of having Mike sketch something unique as well at some point, I remember it was your excitement for the meet :confused:
Heal soon! :hugs:


Before everything happens I was thinking about getting a tatoo that represents LP.
But I was thinking about something with the soldier with wings, because HT is one of my favorite album.
But now, I’m thinking about tattooing something honoring Chester. I saw this second draw that you send, and I think it’s a great option.


This would be my 3rd LP tattoo, but first one honoring Chester. Either way, definitely get something that you love.


I was thinking of something like this with semicolon incorporated on the flag


This is one of mine. i had it done a little different than the album cover.


And this is my first one <3


I was thinking something like this… but with the hexagon logo.


That would be nice too!