Tattoos Honoring Chester


Nice Tattoo!! : ) The words are true for us too. Bc of Life.
I got a tribute done for Chester on my back upper rt shoulder (bc it’s a little big).
And to show my support for our 5 guys now,…Bc I don’t want to lose them too)… I got the symbol & the band-(in old English script) on my left inside arm. As a way of showing support to move forward (for them and me) …& …so I won’t stay depressed about Chester…Have a good day. : ) And keep your chin up, we’ll all get through this together as a family. For LP. : ) : )


Thank you. It’s for them as much as it’s for me. : ) Thnx


NICE! : ) I like them. It’s true…Bc that’s how we all feel about Chester. : ) God bless. Stay strong. We’re an LP family, we are strong*…We will get through this and move forward with the rest of the guys. One day at a time. : )


Thank you :slight_smile: They look so nice! I also love the placement in the shoulder blade area. I hope so. Some days are worse than others but I won’t give up.


Thank you so much for the nice things you said. : ) ** <3 And I
I too have days like Phoenix where everything is going good. Life is moving
forward. Then other days like today-…the verse Mike sang -…“Is there
sunshine where you are”… “the way it was when you were here”…and I just
break down.
: …( Anyway, I don’t want to upset you too… We are a family, and
Linkin Park’s family is made from tough stuff. : )
Lol We will all take a step at a time together. And maybe one day we will
heal all the way. I know Chester wouldn’t want us to be down. He would
probably start acting really silly to cheer us up. : )
Have a very blessed night. If you need anything just contact me…k. .; )
God bless <3



I go back this Wed. Nov.15th to get Chester finished. My own tribute to him. I love you guys-LP too…so much. You guys are such good men. You help people in bad conditions to make life better and brighter. That’s also why we love you. You have such good hearts. We are your family. We love you. : ) We go forward with you. <3 : )


I really liked it!

We already have a topic about this. You can check it out:

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So amazing tattoo i love it chester look great on your Shoulder and the linkin park on your arm is beautiful


love all the tattoos just wonderful!


Hey i was wanting to get the logo along with the lyrics of either Hands Held High or In the end i just cant decide which one can i get some opinions on which one?


Depends on which songs means the most to you, which line in the lyrics speaks out to you.


I was thinking the same thing in the end was the first song i heard by them at 5 years old hands held high i seam to have a real connection with


Up to you, it’s something you’ll carry with you forever.


Yes that is true. I know he would want us to continue and be happy <3 So weird, LP Family is so huge but I feel like I belong so strongly :slight_smile:


This is my Tattoo to honor Chester.


This is a nice tattoo


Is the slash on the sixth side represent Chester? I hadn’t seen it before


Nice tattoo everyone


Hi everyone :smile: I’ve been thinking about getting the tattoo that he has on his left ring finger that says 命(life in chinese)Would like to know what you guys think about it and does it really say 命 ? It’s kinda blurry so it’d be nice if anyone has a close up picture of his finger so i know i’m not getting a wrong tattoo :blush:
p.s if you are wondering i’m trilingual but chinese is my weakest one and i intend to get this next year either on my birthday(10 March),chester’s birthday(20 March) or 20 July… :sob:



Here are some more pictures that I found on google but it’s hard to confirm because chinese characters have many similar looking ones :confounded: