Tattoos Honoring Chester


It a very amazing tattoo


than is cool


wow that’s just wow i don’t have the right words


Thanks all!


Thinking about getting a LP tattoo myself. I don’t have any tattoos yet, but I definitely want some. I’m just not sure what I want to get though. Thinking about a mix of stuff together. I want something with the lyrics well, I do, but also crawling in my skin because crawling was the first LP song that I started to love. Thank you Chester for all that you did for us all, you are dearly missed.


Bout to get my first tattoo. Linkin Park forever.e4313fa066635475aee170fbe1ffd2528958954f_1_588x500-1



Looks great


Nice! I like it


It looks great


I love :heart:️ it


Thanks everyone


You don’t have to get permission to use pictures or logos. If you know what you want, you can just bring in a picture. If you aren’t sure, a good tattooist can help you come up with something unique. I hope that helps.


I finally got my first a couple of days ago :slight_smile: Chester’s signature from the one and only meet and greet I got to go to, very special to me


awesome tattoo i love chester Signature and his lyrics on your arm. The artles did a wonderful work . Chester will love it too. His smile form heaven now.


That’s a really nice text!


I see you on these forums all the time and you’re so kind to everybody, it’s very nice to see. You’re one of the most active members on here and it’s really appreciated, you keep a lot of these threads and discussions going and lift everybody’s spirits.


Thank you!


It’s my tattoo in honour of Chester


OMG this is freaking awesome!!:grinning: