Tattoos Honoring Chester


Yesterday I went to the first session for my sleeve, I picked one of the lpu XIV motives ( THP) to become a part of me - the man behind the mask… here you see the original artwork

I liked this picture from the first moment I saw it- the man behind the mask reminded me of Chaz ever since… and I feel somehow like it’s shown on this pic, that nothing can really hit me- just my armor… so … here you see what my tattoo artist Mau from San Salvador made of it

I love it… the next session we go on with flames going over into the lp-logo - circled by the words: „And now you are a part of me“ can’t wait to get it finished.


This js awessoomee ! :open_mouth::open_mouth::heart:


This is very exciting! I can’t wait to see all of it!


What??? Type it!!


Mind blowing, well done.


Amazing work. That’s soooo badass!


Amazing tattoos everyone


Finished it, guys.
Meant to be a half sleeve, so if anyone has a spare arm, you are welcome to use this art.


that’s just wonderful I love it


Agreed with @StephLP18 ! That’s awesome! And that’s very very nice of you to let people use it! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :smile:



Just got it today! Really happy with it.


Just got my first tattoo yesterday. Now they are always with me :heart:


That’s pretty good line work! Nice!


I was thinking about getting a small tattoo in honor of Chester and Linkin Park when I’m older and I still like this idea.
Wanna tattoo “OVER AGAIN” on my legs, the OVER on the back of my left lower leg (near by the heel) and the AGAIN on the back of my right leg.
I think it’s very small and decent and has a very nice message, Over Again is such an emotional song and means very much to me.
Let me hear what you think about it if I explained understandable xD

And I love your tattoos!!


Oh how old are you :sweat_smile:

And I think that would be a wonderful tattoo idea


You mean how old I am? I am 16, I know you all think how young I am haha I know :smiley: I wont get a tattoo at 16 don’t worry :joy:


I wonder how they look now, would like to see them :slight_smile:


So im starting my all linkin park themed sleeve on saturday…i cant fucking wait!! Its going to be filled with artwork, album covers, logos and lyrics.


So heres the start of my linkin park sleeve :smiley:


This is my tattoo Ive got last Friday in honor of Linkin Park and Chester! :star_struck:

There are so much memories in this! Hybrid Theory cover… first album, hexacons in reminder of the current LP logo, flannel colours… I love it :grin: