Tattoos Honoring Chester


That is a great tattoo for Chester and linkin park


So… here they are. One for Chester behind my left ear and the other one is for Mike on my left ankle)) I really like them, they’re pretty small and like… discreet, kinda)





i love all your Tattoos


They‘re really beautiful! I Love them :slight_smile:


That skull is amazing! And the colour looks amazing!


Very cool tattoos - all of you! :two_hearts:


Wonderful tattoo



Hi guys , although a huge LP fan since 2000 I have now joined the forum so I’m new . I hope you can see the pic of my tattoo and I’d like some help because I’m thinking of getting the flames tattoo that Chester had but I don’t know which photo to show the tattoo artist in order for it to look the same as Chester’s . I mean the design . Any ideas?


nice tattoo it looks clean :smiley:


thanks so much


Hi all, it took almost a year to finish,but I have this and I hope you like it, and I think its an honor and artwork in one!


Wow, that’s amazing !


I know I’ve posted this in my own thred a couple months back lol, but I got this tattoo on new years (only nice picture I have is with my fiancées with mine :laughing: ) It took me a while to get it mostly because I wanted to find the perfect tattoo, and found one similar but not quite what I wanted.
I decided to go into illustrator and create it my self so it would be a bit more personalized.
Didn’t mean to post a paragraph haha.


Great tattoo :grinning:


Amazing tatoo!!!


This is one I got back in June. Had been wanting a LP theme tattoo and this one felt right.


Amazing tattoo, love it! :heart: