Tattoos Honoring Chester


Cool! :heart:


That one is really creative! I really like it!


Thanks! :grin:


Omg that so amazing tattoo it capture every side of Chester


For me it has his strenght,sorrow and hope all in one picture…


thank youuuuuuu


I’ve been thinking about getting “well I do” somewhere in small font. The dream would be to get it in Mike’s handwriting, but I doubt I’ll be able to afford to meet him any time soon, even though I’m attending the Dallas show coming up in October.


Here is the outline that I drew for my art. This is the exact form of Chester’s flames (I believe, this is from the left arm).
On the other arm it is a bit different.
In original it is also the size of the arm, as I measured by my own arm.
So, if you want, you can use this one. The rest is the gradient.
If you need, I can put the size, as well.


Hello and thank you so so much for this … what exactly do you mean by “gradient”? And yeah gimme the size but also on the inside of the base of the flames is some kind of reddish but I’m not sure what it is exactly …do you know ?


Regarding the coloring, idk 100% but I can draw it fully if you can wait a month or so. Need to finish couple of projects first (besides my main job).

Sorry, it will be in cm. You can use any convertor to put the size in inches, if you need.
Ok, so my forearm from the wrist to elbow turned out to be 22 cm (thought it would be longer).
Then I measured % of how much it takes on Chester’s arm and re-calculated for my length, to look appropriate. Got 15,5 cm.
Also, I noticed that there is a little gap between the wrist and the flames below edges. On my arm it is about 2,3-2,5 cm.
Got this:


  1. I made a big accent on the background, so the flames do not have the outline and look a bit thin.
    If you wanna do the flames, you will need to emphasize the outline and put more to the outside countur of the flames.
  2. The flames look a bit small also, because my arm become a bit bigger since the flames were drawn (summer workout).


Ofc I’ll wait and again a million thanks…cm actually fit me because I’m from Greece so that’s my measuring way…! So I’ll wait for your drawing !!! And again thanks so so much :)))


Hey … so how’s the drawing going?? I know I gotta wait longer I’m just checking :)))


another tattoo to add the the sleeve!!


Very cool!


No time for drawing at all.
Running work of the collegue that left, too overloaded.


Ah that’s too bad … will you find any time for it or I shouldn’t wait ?


Hi, did you get this tattoo? If so do you have any pictures?


This is mine. Simple but it says all<3


My left ribs and words from Jornada Del Muerto on it. “Left me up, Let me go” by Japanese. In memory of Chester, in honour of Mike and Linkin Park. Thank you for all, guys! Forever my fav band, forever in my heart, Chazy :notes::two_hearts::metal:


hey how’s it going? any progress with the drawing??? @jabinquaken