Tattoos Honoring Chester


I wish I knew how to upload my tattoo. Lol


Lol if you’re on a phone, the button appears when you click reply, as you’re typing, to the right of the reply and cancel buttons there’s an upload option
Maybe that helps? Haha


Wow. It’s cool to see that so many people have done this.


It just disappears when I select my picture .


I just got my first tattoo today. It took me a few weeks to come up with the right design. Even though it has nothing to do with LP or Chester, I decided to get it in honor of him. It’s my daily reminder to keep moving forward. It also happens to be a lyric from a twenty one pilots song which I know was one of Chester’s favorite bands. One day I’ll probably get the LP logo tattoo’d.


This one is amazing! Soooo nice… i loved it! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hugs:


Thank you! :smile:


Mine was done on 8/8 by Yomico at Lastrites tattoo theater New York. In honor of Chester :metal:


Its amazing!!


That is incredible!


So realistic!! :open_mouth:


That is a beautiful portrait. So well done!


That is so beautiful . I know it took some time . They did great work everything to a t. On chester look so handsome


Just got this one yesterday on my birthday. Lyrics for “Nobody Can Save Me” :sunrise::heart:

“The first line of the album is ‘I’m dancing with my demons’. That’s a really key part of what the album’s about.” -Mike Shinoda


This is absolutely amazing!


That is the coolest tattoo i ever seen .


Wow thank you :heart_eyes:


whoa! this is cool tatto, but very dark


U are welcome i will upload mine when it done


Of course it is! The OML album is about battling your demons, which I’m all too familiar with. I still remember when I first heard that opening line “I’m dancing with my demons” it will stick with me forever.