Tattoos Honoring Chester


I know it is about battling the demons. But the tattoo itself is dark as the demon is pulling Chester to the other side. So it is very dark. The concept of OML is well known to me.


Yeah I gotcha


Yes it is a dark tattoo but it is meaningful because i have demons that i deal with everyday. And chester did too. And one of his songs that was the line I’m dancing with my demons. He was fighting with his demons to over come them


So here is mine. It was done on 27th so it surely isn’t healed yet (no pun intented)…


Damn that’s a long one :sweat_smile: :+1:


To : Shadycroat :: Hi Nick. Wanda Lau here. I think that’s really nice and polite that you would want to ask the original artist if it was okay to use their drawing as a tattoo. The one with the hands going around in a circle.
I was thinking the same thing, : ) - about putting that drawing as a tattoo on the inside of my arm.
It is polite of you to ask, but I think * that any LP member or fan would be happy to have their personal artwork used as a tattoo. If that person see it on someone, they will know that, that tattoo was their creation. I hope it would make the artist happy to see it flourish. : )
God bless Nick and good luck with it if you decide to do it. Hope you’ll be able to find the drawing again online & save it to your phone like I did. : ) Have a great week.



If I get it in the future, I will. : )
I got this to show my support for our 5 guys now. As we all go forward.


Wow this so cool are u going to color the flames ? That be so amazing


Wow almost the whole song so nice that what i like lp family is the best


Haha, lol right?! :smile: One line wasn’t enough


Thank you :slight_smile:


Wow! :heart_eyes:


This has to be one of the most impressive tattoos I’ve seen. Looks like a photo.


People of twitter like it too


“Dancing With My Demons”

This too, a unique way of remembering. : )


Wow i love your tattoo,s they are amazing.


This is by far the most GORGEOUS tattoo I’ve seen. Everything about this is breath taking. I’m so glad you got this done on you. It is truly beautiful.


love your tattoo its amazing how long did it take



I love your tattoo of the song form one more light and your hair