Tattoos Honoring Chester


Hi! :slight_smile: This is my first tattoo, I got it one week ago.
It’s in memory of Chester and my best friend who died in a bus accident 4 years ago. He was a huge LP fan and infatuated me with his enthusiasm for the band. <3


Amazing!! Like it very much!
Are you planning on putting the words “I do” somewhere? :slight_smile:


Finally i had my first tattoo on my chest (er)
The lyrics: “Leave out all the rest, time is a valuable thing”. It is a lyric that i use sometimes.
20-6-17: I had the meet en greet with the band!
The time is 19:33, time that Chester came in and the birthyear 1933 of my granddad.
And you see the “one more light” on the time!

Hope you like it!


so cute!! liked you idea to put the logo inside the lamp :heart_eyes:


lots of meanings!! :grinning: liked it!!


this is amazing!!!


what u guy’s think just got it done love u chester
I know u guy’s see that the song say when not if. But i put that as an personal reasons my stepmother is sick and i see her light going away. So i what u to know why. The song means a lot to me. And so do chester. I had to his words on my arm . Then add my to it.


I assume the lyrics were changed intentionally… it’s nice (text style is sweet), even though I’m not a fan of huge arm tats, especially text.


The lyrics did not change i did my own . But to me it stll means a lot to me


Thank you!! I’m so happy with it :smiley:


Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You changed them intentionally. It’s cool :wink:


Holy shit!! Incredible!


10 hrs in one sitting. Thank


Wow, that is beautiful! I agree with cincybmxlpfreak, portrait tatoos are hard to get right but this one is a really well done one!


My god, it is amazing!


you did well to sit that long its so good


Im getting a tatoo too, in honor of Chester , I just want to find his signature the real one i couldnt find it online can someone help me please!


Try to look for his signature on images on Google and just put chester bennington signature and see what happens.


Love them! Have to say that hair is awesome, too! :wink:

My Tattoo to Share - The Sun Will Set For You

Got kind of three LP tattoos rolled into one. LP logo inside a nebula with a blackbird and Chester’s flames.